Searching for Mary Magdalene : a journey through art and literature / [edited by] Jane Lahr


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رقم التسجيلة 1652
نوع المادة book
ردمك 1932183892
رقم الطلب BS2485.S42
العنوان Searching for Mary Magdalene : a journey through art and literature / [edited by] Jane Lahr
بيان الطبعة 1st ed
بيانات النشر New York, NY: Welcome Books, 2006.
الوصف المادي 239 p : 27 cm ; ill. (chiefly col.)
ملاحظات Includes index
المحتويات / النص Introduction...11 St. Mary Magdalene by Carlo Crivelli Christ as sun god Apollo (Anonymous) Colossal Head of Emperor Constantine the Great (Anonymous) The Indisputable Mary Magdalene Chapter Introduction...17 Saint Mary Magdalen by Bartolomeo Bulgarini Mary Magdalene with Ointment Pot? (Anonymous) Symbols of the Evangelists by Giusto dei Menabuoi Mark 15:25...20 Crucifix by Cimabue Luke 23:44-46...23 Crucifixion by Giovanni Battista Piazetta Jerusalem by Jean Leon Gerome Matthew 27:55-56...25 Crucifixion: The Last Judgment by Jan Van Eyck John 19:25...26 Crucifixion by Giotto Mark 15:40-41...27 Crucifixion (Anonymous) Mark 15:42-47...29 Deposition by Rogier van der Weyden Mark 16:9 Luke 8:2...31 Christ (Anonymous) Mark 16:1-8...32 Maries at the Tomb by Duccio Luke 24:1-11...34 Braque Triptych by Rogier van der Weyden Matthew 28:1...37 Two Women and the Angel (Anonymous) Matthew 28:2-6...39 Angel and Mary Magdalene at the Tomb (Anonymous) Matthew 27:59-61...40 Resurrection by Piero della Francesca Matthew 28:7-8...43 A Venetian Woman by Girolamo Savoldo John 20:1-4...45 Apostles Peter and John Hurry to the Tomb on the Morning of the Resurrection by Eugene Burnand John 20:11-15...47 The Morning of the Resurrection by Edward Burne-Jones John 20:15...49 The Risen Christ Appearing to Mary Magdalene by Rembrandt John 20:16...50 Noli Me Tangere by Lambert Sustris John 20:17...53 Noli Me Tangere (Anonymous) Mary & The Traditional Associations Chapter Introduction...55 Jesus in the House of Martha and Mary by Eustache Lesueur The Virgin Adored by Saints by Pieter Paul Rubens John 11:1...59 Jesus and His Disciples on the Way to Bethany by Henry Ossawa Tanner John 11:2-5...61 Christ in the House of Simon the Pharisee by Dieric Bouts the Elder John 11:6-15...63 The Resurrection of Lazarus by Henry Ossawa Tanner John 11:16-45...65 Resurrection of Lazarus by Fra Angelico Resurrection of Lazarus by Pieter Paul Rubens Resurrection of Lazarus by Leandro Bassano Luke 10:38-42...71 Christ with Mary and Martha by Jacopo Robusti Tintoretto Luke 7:36-50...74 Christ in the House of the Pharisee by Dieric Bouts the Elder Matthew 26:6-13...77 Saint Mary Magdalene by Bacchiacca Mark 14:1-9...78 St. Mary Magdalen by Domenico Puligo John 12:1-8...81 Mary Magdalene at the House of the Pharisee by Jean Beraud John 8:1-11...82 Christ and the Adulteress by Titian The Gospels of Mary Chapter Introduction...85 Noli Me Tangere by Correggio Mary Magdalene by Pietro Perugino Excerpts from the Gospel of Thomas...88 Deploration by Dieric Bouts the Elder St. Mary Magdalen by Pierro della Francesca Saint Peter by Lippo Memmi Excerpts from the Gospel of Mary ...93 The Penitent Magdalen by Georges de la Tour Magdalen and Two Flames by Georges de la Tour The Repentant Magdalen by Georges de la Tour Excerpts from Pistis Sophia...101 The Magdalene Penitent by Maestro della Maddalena The Prophet Isaiah by Marc Chagall The Prophet Isaiah by Giotto The Tribute Money by Masaccio Lion of Saint Mark by Giovanni Buonconsiglio Excerpts from the Gospel of Philip...110 The Throne of Mercy by Colijn de Coter Pieta by Sandro Botticelli Excerpts from The Dialogue of the Savior...114 Ascension to the Empyreum by Hieronymus Bosch An Angel Carryies Heaven by Byzantine Seperation of Light from Darkness and Fall of the Rebel Angels by Master Bertram The Redeemer by Leonardo da Vinci Christ with His Apostles by Bonifazo de'Pitati Excerpt from the Manichaean Psalms of Heracleides...125 Noli Me Tangere by Frederico Barocci Mary Magdalen by Giulio Cesare Procaccini Excerpt from the Gospel of Peter...128 Women at the Tomb (Anonymous) Mary in Myth and Legend Chapter Introduction...131 The Magdalen by Caravaggio Isis Suckling Horus (Anonymous) The Deposition by Pieter Paul Rubens Excerpt from Jesus the Son of Man by Kahlil Gibran...134 Head of the Savior by Leonardo da Vinci Martha Reproofs Her Vain Sister, Mary Magdalene by Simon Vouet At the Door of Simon the Pharisee by Dante Gabriel Rossetti...138 Mary Magdalene at the Door of Simon the Pharisee by Dante Gabriel Rossetti "The First Ones Ever" by Linda Wilberger Egan...141 The Three Maries by Fra Angelico "For the Magdalene" by William Drummond...142 Feast in the House of the Pharisee by Pieter Paul Rubens "To the Lady Magdalene Herbert, of St. Mary Magdalene" by John Donne...145 Magdalene by Paulus Bor "One Version" by Leonora Speyer...146 Mary Magdalene by Frederick Sandys "Mary Magdalene and the Other Mary; A Song for VII Maries" by Christina Georgina Rossetti...149 Pieta de Velleneuve-les-Avignon by Enguerrand Quarton "The Risen One" by Ranier Maria Rilke...150 Noli Me Tangere by Maurice Denis "Mary Magdalene" by Christina Georgina Rossetti...153 The Deposition by Fra Angelico Excerpt from Speaking from the Heart by Joan Grant...154 Mary Magdalene Traveling to France by Giotto Excerpts from The Golden Legend by Jacobus de Voragine...157 The Penitent Magdalen by El Greco Saint Mary the Egyptian Arriving by Boat in France (Anonymous) The Penitent Magdalene by Pedro de Mena Saint Peter by Jusepe de Ribera St. Mary Magdalene Transported to Heaven by Lanfranco Giovanni Mary Magdalene Carried by Angels by Simon Vouet Mary Magdalen Assisted by Two Angels by Rutillo Manetti Saint Mary Magdalene by Gregor Erhart Mary Magdalene by Donatello Mary Magdalene Conversing with Angels by Giotto School Excerpt from The Last Temptation of Christ by Kazantzakis...172 Rose (Anonymous) "I Don't Know How to Love Him" by Tim Rice...174 Mary Magdalene by Frederick Sandys Letter from Abelard to Heloise...176 Christ and the Adulteress by Lorenzo Lotto "The New Magdalene" by John Cowper Powys...179 Mary Magdalene in the Cave by Jules Joseph Lefebvre "Mary Magdalene" by George MacDonald...180 Pieta with St. Francis and St. Mary Magdalene by Annibale Carracia Excerpt from Jesus the Son of Man by Kahil Gibran...183 The Sacred Heart by Odilon Redon Excerpt from Song of Solomon...184 The Black Madonna by Joan Brooks Baker The Magdalene & The Mystery of the Holy Grail Chapter Introduction...187 Chalice and Host by Jan Davidsz Heem Excerpt from The Story of the Grail by Chretien de Troyes...191 The Beethoven Freize by Gustav Klimt Parsifal in Quest of the Holy Grail by Ferdinand Leeke Excerpts from Joseph of Armithea by Robert de Boron...200 Pontius Pilate by Italian School The Elders Paying Judas by Barna da Siena The Last Supper (Anonymous) Judas Betrays Him by William Blake Christ Before Pilate by Jacopo Robusti Tintoretto Ecce Homo by Mattia Preti Joseph of Arimathea Collecting the Blood of the Crucified Christ (Anonymous) "The San-grail" by Ella Young...215 Sancta Lilias by Dante Gabriel Rossetti Excerpt from Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, Henry Lincoln...216 The Women Find Jesus' Tomb Empty by Maurice Denis Excerpt from Parzival by Wolfram von Eschenbach...217 Parsifal by Odilon Redon Excerpt from Holy Blood, Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, Henry Lincoln...223 The Elevation of the Cross by Pieter Paul Rubens Descent from the Cross by Marc Chagall Excerpt from Le Morte Darthur by Sir Thomas Malory...226 The Achievement by Sir Galahad by Edward Burne-Jones The Damsel of Sanct Grael by Dante Gabriel Rossetti Excerpt from "The Waste Land" by T.S. Eliot...231 The Triumph of Death by Pieter Bruegel the Elder Matthew 26:20-24...232 The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci Excerpt from "Four Quartets: Little Gidding" by T.S. Eliot...237 Studies of Flowers by Leonardo da Vinci
المستخلص Chasing down an enigma--the controversial Mary Magdalene--has recently become a national enthrallment due to books like Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. With the variety and quantity of magnificent paintings and sculptures in her likeness, it is apparent that the Magdalene has long been guiding the brushstrokes of our greatest artists, all of whom have rendered her unlike any other woman in the bible. Unlike Mary the mother--who is often expressed as an archetype, an ideal--the Magdalene is virtually always drawn as an individual, a woman of flesh and blood with feelings and emotions. Even in the earliest depictions she is seen at the foot of the cross, in deep crisis at the loss of her Beloved. It is as if these painters carried her in their hearts and rendered her honestly and compassionately. Even when the clerics devalued her, the artists continued to champion her. Editor Jane Lahr takes us on a visual and literary journey through the history and the lore, the facts and the myth, that surround Mary Magdalene. Beginning with the biblical cannon, continuing through Gnostic texts and ending with myths and literary works surrounding the Magdalene, Lahr presents a complete picture of her life, allowing the reader to decide for themselves who the true Magdalene was. Illustrated with images from the worlds greatest artists like Michelangelo, Rubens, Chagall, and Georges De La Tour, this lavish anthology is the most comprehensive and stunning look at the Magdalene ever published. Lahr begins each of the five chapters with an insightful and lucid introductive that provides the reader with guidance and context for the stories, texts, and images that follow. The Indisputable Mary Magdalene: With texts from the biblical canon including Mark, and Luke, discover each specific and indisputable reference to Mary Magdalene, with artworks from Fra Angelico to Jan van Eyck. Mary & the Traditional Associations: A woman, a sinner, and dryer of tears, these associations are found from John and Matthew to Luke and Mark. The paintings of Henry Ossawa Tanner, D. Bouts, Duccio, and Pieter Paul Rubens highlight the text. Mary of the Apocrypha: The ancient texts of the Gospel of Thomas, the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, and the Dialogue of the Savior alongside the works of Georges De La Tour, Marc Chagall, and Massaccio. Mary Magdalene in Myth & Legend: Revel in literary wonders that celebrate the Magdalene from Christina Georgina Rossetti, Ranier Maria Rilke, and John Donne. Mary & The Mystery of the Holy Grail: Explore the Magdalene's possible connection to the mysterious Holy Grail through a variety of modern and ancient texts paired with the masterpieces of Michelangelo and Leonardo.
المواضيع Mary Magdalene,
Mary Magdalene, - Legends
Mary Magdalene, - Art
Mary Magdalene, - In literature

شخص Lahr, Jane

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