Art of the 20th century / Ruhrberg ... [et al]. ; [edited by Ingo F. Walther]


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العنوان Art of the 20th century / Ruhrberg ... [et al]. ; [edited by Ingo F. Walther]
بيانات النشر Koln: Taschen, 2005.
الوصف المادي 2 v : 32 cm ; ill. (some col.)
ملاحظات Translated from the German Includes bibliographical references and index Vol. 1. Painting / by Karl Ruhrberg -- Vol. 2. Sculpture / by Manfred Schneckenburger. New media / by Christiane Fricke. Photography / by Klaus Honnef. Lexicon of artists / by Ingo F. Walther
المحتويات / النص - Metamorphoses of modern sculpture Between Tradition and Modernity Rodin: Perfection and Experiment Maillol and the Vitality of Classicism Barlach: Expressive Robed Figures Lehmbruk: Structure and Spirituality Image-Makers from Hildebrand to Marino - Abstraction and Cubism's Sound Shift Spatial Dimension Primitivism: a New Ideal Brancusi: Being and form Matisse: modeled Space Picasso the Groundbreaker Archipenko: Emancipation Boccioni and the Futurist Vision Duchamp- Villon and the Mechanization of man A new Human Image for the Machine age From Cubism to the Myth of Nature: Lipchitz, Laurens, Zadkine - Constructing the World Russia: Monuments and the culture of materials Tatlin: counter-Relief, Monument and flying machine Rodchenko and the Inkhuk constructive "transit Station between painting and architecture" The constructive international Gabo and Pevsner: crystalline development Bauhaus and De stijl: new media and experimentation Abstraction- creation and concrete art - From Readymade to Surrealist Object Duchamp: Creation through Negation The shock of dada: man ray and schwitters The surrealist object Giacometti: staging of psychological terror The Spectre of Surrealism - New Materials: Iron and steel Picasso's Discovery of the metal Montage Gonzalez: founding Father of Iron Sculpture Calder: Poetry of the Mobile With Hammer and Cutter - Biomorphic Sculptures- a Vitalistic Counterposition "like Nature" Picasso's work at Boisgeloup Arp: Dada heads and Organic Construction Moore: the landscape of the body Growth and Construction - Post-War Positions: the Existential and the Abstract Aftershock or new freedom? Giacometti and the threat of Humanity Informal: Process and Structure Abstract Expressionism Construction of the Gesture David Smith and gestural Abstraction - Kinetic Expansion Composition and Psychology Renounced Nature, light, Movement, Technology The Impetus of the Group: GRVE, ZERO, EAT, GAVS Kinetic Art: Crisis and Complexity Tinguely: the Machine as Theatre - The Direct Language of Reality The Ubiquitous Readymade Rauschenberg and the Gap between life and Art Kienholz and the American way of life Oldenburg's Double Irony British Pop art and Paolozzi's Machine World Collages Nouveau Realisme: the sociology of the object Intermedia, Fluxus: Object and Concept Happening: object and action Strategies of object art - American and European Minimalists Minimal Art: pure perception Europe: System, composition and Caro's Strategy of Discontinuity - Post-Minimal: sensual intensity The sixties revised Minimal processes and physicality Serra: from Materialism to urban sculpture Land Art: painting with mountains Naumam and the body as a medium Beuys: aura and sculpture Arte Povera: an Alphabet for materials - The Delta of the Contemporary The end of the Avant-Grade Architecture, Sculpture and forms of Action Furniture and models Trace of memory Recycling and readymade Young British sculptors Intimacy and the Public Sphere - New Media Non-Traditional forms of artistic expression - Activation of the senses "Everything Disappears" "Burn the museums!" Demonstrative Gestures, Furious Protest and Constructive plans Forays into the third and fourth dimensions Artistic activity: a splendid spectacle Proto-actions and proto-installation and the first Multiples - Intermedia: Happenings, Actions and Fluxus John Cage and the Intermingling of art Forms Allan Kaprwo's Happenings Wolf vostell and therapeutic disaster Viennese Actionism Infected by the fluxus Virus The Principle of Permanent Creation The Message of felt TV - Art the Interface of art and the media industry Land Art Laboratories for the art of the future Explorers of the moving picture "Black Gate Cologne" The Gerry Schum Television Gallery - Video- software, Hardware and performance Pixel-theatre on the screen Mishandled objects, sculptures and "short" circuits Transformations in live Art The Seventies: a reservoir of ideas Actors in time and space - Messages in the first person Videos, politics and the media - the Eighties:" we're switching over!" accelerated images Cross-Fertilisation: high and low art The Video- marker as seer - The Nineties: Interaction in Virtual Space Encounters on the User-interface The Gesamtkunstwerk in the public Arena "you don't throw a grand piano away just because you've got synthesizer."
المواضيع Painting, Modern - 20th century
Art, Modern - 20th century - History
Artists - Biography
Sculpture, Modern - 20th century
Photography - History - 20th century

الأسماء المرتبطة Ruhrberg, Karl
Walther, Ingo F

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