Stained glass crafting . / Donatella Zaccaria


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نوع المادة book
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شخص Zaccaria, Donatella

العنوان Stained glass crafting . / Donatella Zaccaria
بيانات النشر New York, NY: Sterling Publishing Company, 1996.
الوصف المادي 159 p : 28 cm ; col. ill
ملاحظات Includes index
المحتويات / النص Why use manual ? Stained glass in history -the origins -medieval timed -cutting glass -art nouveau and modern style Glass -using the disc method -using the cylinder method -the chemical compositin of glass -blown glass -new antique glass -cathedral glass -opalescent glass -wispy glass Tools used for cutting glass -cutting the glass -straight cuts -using a cardboard template -ctting curved or shaped glass pieses -cutting a leaf -cutting pointed shapes The tiffany method Tools and materials for welding -copper wire -welders Planning your glasswork Straight-edged glasswork -cutting the glass -trimming -welding A Box A Tiffany lampshade The lead technique -tools and materials -lead -milticolored glass panel -sealing -flower tray Other techniques -fused glass -compatible glass -blue tray -aquarium table -star plate -trays -chessboards -glass fusion plates -clocks -small scuiptures -other sculture The collage technique -tray -clock -collage table IDEAS -sunflower lamp -Dragonfly lamp -table lamp -cube lamp -small cube lamp corner lamp -dragonfly lamp -small glass hangings -butterfly -modern glass -art deco morrors -boxes -red containers -other containers -candle holders -bottle tops From art to artwoek -crocodragon -from an artist's sketch -revolving door -a solution for your bathroom -art deco door -arab-style glasswork -bow window -oval -arc -large glassworks -an artist's work -horse -pan plays his flute Glasswork designs
المستخلص Opalescent, marbled, and antique: spread the heavenly beauty of stained glass throughout your home. Over 40 fabulous projects from small sculptures to complex creations display the range of glass-cutting and design techniques. Detailed, extensive instructions explain straight cuts, cutting curved or shaped glass pieces, cutting a leaf and pointed shapes, and using a template. Weld glass and use copper wire to connect pieces. Know the form's history and diverse styles. Among the stunning things to make are a Tiffany lampshade fashioned from five colors of opalescent glass, a golden butterfly box, floral hangings and trays, and a multicolored glass panel. A glorious gallery of professional work features incredible, inspiring objects, including art deco sliding doors with a geometric design in eleven kinds of glass and a magnificent aquarium table of marine blues and greens. Resplendent images and brilliant ideas make this a guide to treasure!
المواضيع Glass craft
Glass painting and staining

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