Palestinian Christians : Facts, Figures and Trends 2008


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العنوان Palestinian Christians : Facts, Figures and Trends 2008
بيانات النشر Bethlehem: Diyar Consortium, 2009.
الوصف المادي 93 p
ملاحظات Includes illustrations in colour
المستخلص This booklet is part of a project run by Diyar, entitled "Palestinian Christians: Strengthening Identity, Activating Potential". The information in the booklet are to be annually updated as the Palestinian Christians' lives are not static as much as the political and social environment of Palestine is in constant transformation. More Palestinian Christians find themselves towed into the trend of emigration, while some come back from the Diaspora. Some find themselves leaving their rural communities to join their brothers and sisters in cities for search of an alternative. Not to mention, the natural growth of the Christian population in Palestine adds to the demographic characteristics in reference to the natural growth of the Palestinian population as a whole unit. The booklet includes different forms of information; statistics, charts and tables, as well as a directory. The simple, yet colourful, lay-out of the booklet is meant to make access to information more comprehensive. The information compiled in this booklet is based on desk reviews of existing literature, case-studies, researches, and field surveys – namely "Diyar Report: Christian Clubs" and "Diyar's Study on the Presence of Christians in the West Bank and Their Attitudes Towards Church-Related Organizations". However, the booklet does not claim to be faultless and complete. There is nothing more difficult than getting exact and current figures in the Middle East. As such, Diyar invites the readers to share their comments and insight in an attempt to produce more comprehensive and fulfilling information on the status of the Palestinian Christians. - from Preface
المواضيع Christianity - History - Palestine
Christianity - Palestine - Statistics

الأسماء المرتبطة Raheb, Mitri
Kassis, Rifat Odeh
Collings, Rania Al Qass

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