The art and technique of digital color correction / Steve Hullfish


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شخص Hullfish, Steve

العنوان The art and technique of digital color correction / Steve Hullfish
بيانات النشر Amsterdam: Focal Press/Elsevier, 2008.
الوصف المادي xiv, 373 p : 24 cm. + ; ill. (chiefly col.)
ملاحظات Includes bibliographical references and index CD included 1 CD foe every copy
المحتويات / النص Acknowledgments Introduction Chapter 1 - Primary Color Correction: Tonal Range Primer Monitoring Video Monitor Viewing Environment Waveform and Vectorscopes Alternative Displays and tools for Analysis First Things first ? black level Reading the Waveform Monitor Setting the Black level Setting Highlights Setting Gammas or Mid-tones Defining Contrast Practice playing the Gamma against the Highlights and Shadows Chapter 2 ? Primary Color Correction: Tonal Tools Main Tools for Tonal Corrections Sliders and numerical controls for tonal range Don?t use Brightness or Contrast Controls Color Primary In Room Avid Symphony and Color Finesse HSL Control Tab Histograms or Levels Forms and functions of Histograms Curves Tab S Curve tip Curves tutorial Isolating Tonal Ranges with Curves Luma Range Display Luma Range Editing Alternative to Luma Range Chapter 3 ? Primary Color Correction: Color Control Primer Balancing the image Analyzing color casts Using your eyes Color and the Waveform Color and the Vectorscope Histograms Eyedropper Balancing color with a Flat Pass Waveform monitor Color Contrast Chapter 4 - Primary Color Correction: Color Manipulation Tools Hue Offset Wheels Hue Offsets with RGB Parade Saturation Controls Histograms Curves RGB set-up, gamma and gain sliders Channels Printer Lights Filters Chapter 5 ? Secondary Color Correction Primer The purpose of Secondary Correction Are you qualified? Color Vector Isolation Isolating a vector in FCP Spot Color Correction (Vignettes or Power Windows) The Vignette User defined shapes Using spot color correction to re-light Color Vector with Garbage Matte Secondaries are crucial Chapter 6 ? Secondaries with the Pros Vignettes Vignetting the Ultralight Flyover scene Vignetting the ?Kiss? Bedroom Scene The key is subtlety Spot Color Correction ?Windowing? the Ultralight Flyover scene Vignette to create day-for-night Vector and Luma qualified secondaries Secondary corrections can focus attention Using Secondaries to Match Using a Luma key to build contrast Chapter 7 ? Correcting Shots Three more grades of the ?Banker?s Light? Scene Saving a shot with bad color cast Four trips down the "alley" Three passes over the barn Building up a weak piece of video Using many tools to fix a shot Grading with Curves in Primary Broadening the Color Palette Chapter 8 ? Telling the Story Color Changes the Story Talk like a D.P. The story is the script Emphasize elements to further the story Imposing Story on the Boxer Story Epilogue Chapter 9 ? Matching Shots Matching the Lions of the Art Institute Matching scene to scene Matching when lighting changes in a scene Matching AND saving! Matching Conclusion Chapter 10 ? Creating Looks Enough is enough Preset looks Festa?s PowerGrade library revealed Preset Looks in Apple?s Color Match the look Looks for promos and opens True Grit Graphic looks Music video inspiration Skip Bleach or Bleach bypass Day for Night Change of Seasons Chapter 11 ? Miscellaneous Wisdom Starting off Communicating with Clients The Future of Color Correction Taking it to extremes The importance of Color Contrast Maintaining a look Looking at real life for inspiration Multi-tasking Smoke Keeping butts in the seats Books of Note Conclusion INDEX
المستخلص Provides direct access to the skills, insights and techniques of some of the postproduction industry's most prominent digital video colorists, delivering practical skills to the postproduction pro seeking to improve their color grading craft. The author interviews and observes 8 professional colorists as they grade a series of real world video images, describing the methods and techniques each artist uses to reach their finalized image. These video images are included on a DVD that allows you to work lockstep with each artist as they grade their images. Though some tools provided may differ from one product to the next, the basic process of video color correction (grading) remains the same. Application agnostic and sure to inspire, The Art of Digital Video Color Correction will further your artistic skills, whether you're an editor, compositor, or colorist, and allow you to apply those skills to the grading process, making your finished image sharper, crisper and more aesthetically pleasing in general. * Digital video color correction tips and techniques from the pros grading the films, shows and commercials we all see everyday, thus advancing the artistic coloring skills of the reader * Is non-software specific, with lessons that are applicable to any postproduction workflow * DVD includes samples of the same video images that the colorists featured in the book were working on, providing direct access to the techniques and process of professional grading
المواضيع Color computer printers
Color display systems
Color photography - Digital techniques
Color computer graphics

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