Rachel's Tomb : An Alien In Her Hometown ?


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المؤلف Aghazarian, Elise

العنوان Rachel's Tomb : An Alien In Her Hometown ?
بيانات النشر Berlin: Aphorisma Verlag, 2010.
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المحتويات / النص - Historical Milestones - Framework for approaching Rachel's Tomb - Territorialisation And Identity - Appriaching the site - Research Objectives - Methodolgy - Research Process - Sampling And Population - Methods - The Process Of Changing the site - Rachel's Tomb In History - Modernization, Identity and Politics - Perceptions and memories of Bethlehem inhabitants - The Figure of Rachel - Nomenclature Of The site - Mapping The site - Sentiments Evoked by the site - Loss - Immobility and Inaccessibility - Disruption and desecration - Trapped between past and future - Past - Present - Future - Conclusions - Religious Identity - Cultural Heritage - Sentiments - Between past and the future
المستخلص Rachel is a female Ison, dense with signifcance, important in Judaism , Christianity and Islam, whose tomb is allegedly located in the Palestine city of bethlehem - a contested area marked by the separation wall and a rapid change of landscape . memories of interreligious respect and worship strongly linked with the site now clash with the reality of separation . this study aims at documenting the dramatic transormations this place has undergone since the begining of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. encapsulated by this wall and hence cut off from Bethlehem, the tomb points to the politics of division
المواضيع Israeli West Bank Barrier
Rachel (Biblical matriarch)
Rachel's Tomb (Bethlehem)

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