On Late Style : Music And Literature Against The Grain


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المؤلف Said, Edward W

العنوان On Late Style : Music And Literature Against The Grain
بيانات النشر New York: Vintage Books, 2006.
الوصف المادي 176 P
المحتويات / النص Foreword by Mariam C. Said Introduction by Michael Wood 1. Timeliness and Lateness 2. Return to the Eighteenth Century 3. Cos?fan tutte at the Limits 4. On Jean Genet 5. A Lingering Old Order 6. The Virtuoso as Intellectual 7. Glimpses of Late Style - See more at: http://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/on-late-style-9781350016804/#sthash.STlDPOQK.dpuf
المستخلص In this fascinating book, Edward Said looks at the creative contradictions that often mark the late works of literary and musical artists. Said shows how the approaching death of an artist can make its way into his work, examining essays, poems, novels, films, and operas by such artists as Beethoven, Genet, Mozart, Lampedusa, Euripides, Cavafy, and Mann, among others. He uncovers the conflicts and complexity that often distinguish artistic lateness, resulting in works that stood in direct contrast to what was popular at the time and were forerunners of what was to come in each artist's discipline–works of true genius. Eloquent and impassioned, brilliantly reasoned and revelatory, On Late Style is Edward Said's own great last work.
المواضيع Creation (Literary, artistic, etc.)

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