The Tell - Tale Entrepreneur : A guide To Storytelling In Business / Bernard Murphy


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العنوان The Tell - Tale Entrepreneur : A guide To Storytelling In Business / Bernard Murphy
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المحتويات / النص - Chapter 1: an accidental story
- Chapter 2: the architecture of a story 
- Chapter 3: a startup story
- Chapter 4: an investment story 
- Chapter 5: a growth story
- Chapter 6: a marketing story
- Chapter 7: an exit story 
- Chapter 8: the stories we tell ourselves
Explores the fundamental key to effective communication in business through storytelling.

"People aren't looking for an explanation, they want to hear a story. We've all survived PowerPoint presentations that feel more like hostage dramas; the only thing worse is when you realize that you are the hostage-taker. Standing at the front of the room, slogging through your carefully prepared slides, realizing that nobody is captivated, many are looking down at their phones, and your message is slipping into the void. In The Tell-Tale Entrepreneur, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and tech blogger Bernard Murphy goes straight to the heart of why so many brilliant businesspeople, particularly in the tech and engineering fields, find it so hard to communicate effectively with prospects, with clients, even within their own organizations. In each chapter, he tells a real business story and explores the fundamental key to effective communication to engage real people, their intellects and emotions, through storytelling. You'll discover: the essential elements of effective, memorable stories ; the strategies to employ to strengthen the stories you tell ; the journey from startup to exit, with critical stories at every step ; the essential story--the story you tell yourself. We all long to push forward, particularly in tech, but with this humorous and personal exploration of how we can reconnect with our inner storyteller, Bernard reminds us that sometimes it's worth taking a look back to unearth the timeless truths about how humans find connection."--
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