Impression : Painting Quickly In France ,1860 - 1890 / Richard R. Brettel


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المؤلف Brettel, Richard R

العنوان Impression : Painting Quickly In France ,1860 - 1890 / Richard R. Brettel
بيانات النشر New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2001.
الوصف المادي 240 P
المحتويات / النص 1- introduction
2- the impression in 1874
3- painting as performance : spontaneity and its appearances in painting , and the intellectual origins of the impression 
4- Edouard Manet and preformative painting 
5- claude monet and the development of the impression 
6- berthe morisot and auguste renoir 
7- alfred sisley : the impression , graphism , and automatic writing 
8- could edgar degas paint an impression ?
9- gustave caillebotte and camille pissarro 
10- coda: was van gogh an impressionsism
المستخلص The "point" of Impressionist art was to capture the fleeting moment, the transient effect, the essential reality of a certain place, person, or time. Impressionist artists worked on site with speed and directness, hoping to distinguish their works with a new freshness, immediacy, and truthfulness. Yet the paintings they exhibited were in fact almost always completed in the studio later. This beautifully illustrated book investigates for the first time the impressions, or painted sketches, that were actually done on the spot. Renowned Impressionist scholar Richard R. Brettell focuses on impressions and how they differ from the finished pictures of some of the best-known artists of the Impressionist movement, among them Manet, Monet, Renoir, Sisley, Morisot, Degas, Pissarro, and Caillebotte.

The book surveys the various practices of individual artists in the making, signing, exhibiting, and selling of impressions. Brettell discusses the pictorial theories behind the sketches, the sales strategies for them, and the various forms they took, including works completed in one sitting, "apparent" impressions, and repeated impressions. In a concluding chapter, the author considers a small group of works by Vincent van Gogh, who painted with an almost fanatical rapidity and was the only major post-Impressionist painter to push the aesthetic of the impression even further.

المواضيع Impressionism (Art) - France - Exhibitions
Painting, French - 19th century - Exhibitions

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