Introduction to glass fusing . / by Petra Kaiser

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شخص Kaiser, Petra

العنوان Introduction to glass fusing . / by Petra Kaiser
بيانات النشر Fort Lauderdale, FL: Wardell Publications, Inc, 2003.
الوصف المادي 79 p : 28 cm ; col. ill

Includes index

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-Chapter 1 : Introduction : getting started on the glass fusing process -Chapter 2 : warm glass processes : terminology & definitions -Chapter 3 : about this book -Chapter 4 : tools , equipment & supplies -Chapter 5 : kilns, controllers & accessories choosing your kiln catalog of assorted entry-level kilns, by manufacturer molds, shelves, & other kiln furniture -Chapter 6 : glass for fusing testred compatible glass, explained testred compatible glass, manufacturer glass types -Chapter 7 : glass scoring & breaking , how-to techniques -Chapter 8 : step by step projects -Chapter 9 : troubleshooting question and answers


Introduction to Glass Fusing from Wardell Publications fused art glass introduces practical fusing skills while creating from the first project, automatically mastering the techniques of glass preparation, assembly and kiln firing methods. Introduction to Glass Fusing by Petra Kaiser is an illustrated tutorial on the techniques of art glass fusing, geared toward the absolute novice in the craft. This all color book is filled with hundreds of step by step photos, useful tip sidebars, and complete project instructions. The reader will learn terminology used regularly in fusing, as well as the basic skills that are the building blocks of the art. From tools and material descriptions to glass cutting and shaping, to more complicated procedures such as mold making and kiln operation, everything is covered in detail. Chapter titles include Warm Glass Processes and Temperatures, Glass Tools And Equipment, Kilns and Controllers, Basic Glass Cutting Techniques, The Kiln Firing Process, and more

المواضيع Glass fusing