Meeting Our Multifaith Neighbors . / Brice H. Balmer, Afterword by Stanley W. Green

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شخص Balmer, Brice H

العنوان Meeting Our Multifaith Neighbors . / Brice H. Balmer, Afterword by Stanley W. Green
بيانات النشر Waterloo, Ontario: Herald Press, 2006.
الوصف المادي 195 p : 21 cm ; ill

- Includes bibliographical references - Includes illustrations

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1. Introduction 2. Spirituality and Transformation What is spirituality Questions to Ponder Transformation through Reflection Questions to Ponder 3. Hospitable & Inclusive Barriers to Hospitality & Inclusion Hospitality Book of Ruth Questions to Ponder Insert Our child married a Muslim Questions to Ponder 4. Moving toward Dialogue: Isolation to Partnership Introduction Isolation Hostility Competition Examination of Power Partnership Questions to Ponder Insert Remember Abraham, Isaac & Ishmael 5: Struggling to be North American: Imagine Fitting into a New World 6: Seeing Our World Differently Imagining the Other¿s View Insert Cedar¿s Question 7: Can we become a Multifaith Society: Is Christianity too pervasive? Questions to Ponder 8: Begin with Love Questions to Ponder Bibliography Appendix One Multifaith and Interfaith Appendix Two History of Interfaith Grand River Appendix Three Statement of Purpose of Interfaith Grand River Appendix Four Canadian Council of Churches Prayers in the Multifaith Context Appendix Five Response to Brice Balmer by Stanley W. Green

المواضيع Christianity and other religions - Judaism
Religious pluralism - Christianity

شخص Green, Stanley W