Ethical know-how : action, wisdom, and cognition / Francisco J. Varela

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شخص Varela, Francisco J

العنوان Ethical know-how : action, wisdom, and cognition / Francisco J. Varela
بيانات النشر Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 1999.
الوصف المادي ix, 85 p : 21 cm
بيان السلسلة Writing science

Originally presented as three lectures, delivered at the Universitلa di Bologna Includes bibliographical references (p. 79-85) Know-how and know-what -- On ethical expertise -- The embodiment of emptiness

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Preface The first lecture: Know-How and Know What 2. The second lecture: On Ethical Expertise 3. The third lecture: The Embodiment of Emptiness Notes.


How can science be brought to connect with experience? This book addresses two of the most challenging problems facing contemporary neurobiology and cognitive science. Firstly, understanding how we unconsciously execute habitual actions as a result of neurological and cognitive processes that are not formal actions of conscious judgment but part of a habitual nexus of systematic self-organization. Secondly, attempting to create an ethics adequate to our present awareness that there is no such thing as a transcendental self, a stable subject or soul. The author combines researches in cognitive science and phenomenology with two representatives of what he calls the 'wisdom traditions': Confucianism and Buddhist epistemology.

المواضيع Ethics
Knowledge, Theory of