Sport public relations : managing organizational communication / G. Clayton Stoldt, Stephen W. Dittmore, Scott E. Branvold

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المؤلف Stoldt, G. Clayton

العنوان Sport public relations : managing organizational communication / G. Clayton Stoldt, Stephen W. Dittmore, Scott E. Branvold
بيانات النشر Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 2006.
الوصف المادي ix, 365 p : 28 cm ; ill

Includes bibliographical references (339-354) and index

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Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1 Introducing Sport Public Relations Definition of Sport Public Relations Characteristics of Sport Public Relations Sport Public Relations in Practice The Value of Public Relations Organization of the Text Summary Learning Activities Chapter 2 Integrating Public Relations With Strategic Management Public Relations As a Strategic Management Tool Organizational Relationships and Public Relations Issues Management Organizational Reputation Strategic Commitment to Public Relations Summary Learning Activities Chapter 3 Utilizing Public Relations Campaigns Distinguishing Between Programs and Campaigns Planning and Executing Campaigns Working With Public Relations Firms Learning From Case Studies Summary Learning Activities Chapter 4 Focusing on the Sport Organization¿Media Relationship Definition of Mass Media Mass Media Structures Relationship Between Mass Media and Sport Evolution of Sport Public Relations Future of Public Relations Summary Learning Activites Chapter 5 Managing the Media¿Organization Relationship Identifying Influential Media Servicing Media at Organizational Events Developing an Organizational Media Policy Maximizing Media Exposure Summary Learning Activities Chapter 6 Providing Information Services News Releases Media Kits Audio/Visual News Releases Summary Learning Activities Chapter 7 Staging Interviews, News Conferences, and Media Events Interviews News Conferences Media Days Summary Learning Activities Chapter 8 Developing Organizational Media Media Guides Other Printed Organizational Media Electronic Organizational Media Organizational Media Summary Corporate Communications Summary Learning Activities Chapter 9 Communicating in Times of Crisis The Nature of Crises and the Need to Plan for Them An Approach to Crisis Communications Summary Learning Activities Chapter 10 Exploring Direct Contact Tactics Advantages of Direct Contact Tactics Benefits of Direct Contact Tactics Types of Direct Contact Activities Summary Learning Activities Chapter 11 Developing and Supporting Charitable Programs Benefits of Charitable Programs The Scope of Charitable Programs in Sport Types of Charitable Programs Issues in Planning Charitable Programs Financial Leverage of Charitable Programs Importance of Charitable Programs Summary Learning Activities Chapter 12 Using the Web in Sport Public Relations Evaluating Web Use in Sport Public Relations Developing a Web Site Structuring Web Sites for Specific Stakeholders Identifying Web Site Limitations and Problems Summary Learning Activities Chapter 13 Communicating With Internal Publics Employee Relations Investor Relations Summary Learning Activities Chapter 14 Communicating With External Publics Customer Relations Donor Relations Government Relations Summary Learning Activities Chapter 15 Addressing Legal And Ethical Considerations Tort Law Contracts Intellectual Property Constitutional Issues Federal And State Legislation Summary Learning Activities Appendix A: Selected Pages From a Set of College Football Game Notes Appendix B: Selected Pages From a Women¿s Basketball Media Guide Appendix C: Sample Crisis Communications Plan Appendix D: Community Relations Plan for a College Baseball Program References Index

المواضيع Sports - Public relations
Mass media and sports
Communication in organizations

الأسماء المرتبطة Dittmore, Stephen W
Branvold, Scott E