Intrinsic Motivation at Work : Building Energy & Commitment . / Kenneth W. Thomas

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المؤلف Thomas, Kenneth W

العنوان Intrinsic Motivation at Work : Building Energy & Commitment . / Kenneth W. Thomas
بيان الطبعة 1st paperback ed
بيانات النشر San Francisco, CA: Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc, 2002.
الوصف المادي xiv, 142 p

Includes bibliographical references and an index

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Part One: The Need for New Models - A management tale 1. The shift from compliance to partnership 2. Extrinsic rewards are no longer enough 3. Getting beyond rational-economic assumptions Part Two: The Nature of the New Work - A management tale continued... 4. Purposeful Work 5. Self-management in the pursuit of purpose Part Three: The Intrinsic Rewards of the New Work - A management tale continued... 6. The rewards of self-management 7. Building a sense of meaningfulness 8. Building a sense of choice 9. Building a sense of competence 10. Building a sense of progress 11. Implications


It takes more than money to motivate today's workers. In today's workplace, where managers expect workers and teams to self-manage their work, employees demand more than just extrinsic motivators such as pay, benefits, pension plans and the like. For today's workers, intrinsic rewards - the psychological rewards workers get directly from the work itself - are essential. Grounded in solid research, Intrinsic Motivation at Work provides a diagnostic framework for addressing the issue of intrinsic motivation and details essential ways to build it. Ken Thomas describes four intrinsic rewards that make work energizing and fulfilling for today's employees: - a sense of purpose or meaningfulness, - the ability to choose how the tasks are performed, - a sense of copetence from performing work activities well, and - a sence of progress. Thomas details the building blocks leaders and workers can use to create these rewards in the workplace and spells out the practical implications for building motivation at every level of an organization. - Cover

المواضيع Employee motivation