Masters : Glass Beads : Major Works by Leading Artists . / Curated by Larry Scott

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المؤلف Larry, Scott

العنوان Masters : Glass Beads : Major Works by Leading Artists . / Curated by Larry Scott
بيانات النشر New York: Lark Books, 2008.
الوصف المادي 335 p
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THE MASTERS 8 cm Lampworked, Photo by Joanie, Effetre glass Photo Diana East 16 sandblasted, dichroic glass, Flameworked Tom Boylan 24 glassblowing, borosilicate glass Photo, Lampworked and blown Toshiki Uchida 32 lead glass, soda-lime glass, cm Lampworked Pain Dugger 40 Lampworked, soda-lime glass Photo, Mandrel-wound hollow bead Leah Fairbanks 48 George Post, dichroic glass, Bonsai Andrea GuarinoSlemmons 56 lapidary, Moth, marvered Kristina Logan 64 surface decorated, Paul Avis, Photo by Paul Lark Dalton and Corrie Haight 72 Photo by Lark, Lark Tobin Dalton, cm Handblown Bruce St John Maher 80 coldworked, John Maher, fire polished Akihiro Ohkama 88 soda-lime glass, borosilicate glass, Yoich Sueyoshi Tom Holland 96 coldworked, Tom Holland, Robert K Karen Ovington 104 enamels, Tom Van Eynde, Ovington Sharon Peters 112 Jim Trenkle, Photo by Jim, Trenkle O tt Yoshiko Shiiba 120 Shiiba, Genroku, soft glass Photo Jim Smircich 128 Photo by Joanie, Joanie Beldin, Beldin A Black Kate Fowle Meleney 136 electroformed, millefiori, overglazes Norikazu Kogure 144 handmade murrini, SAKURA, gold leaf Gail Crosman Moore 152 Crosman, marver formed, borosilicate glass Photo Mary Mullaney and Ralph Mossman 160 CHEVRON BEADS, Mary Mullaney, cm Furnace Kristen Frantzen Orr 168 David Orr, calligraphy, striped cane Toshimasa Masui 176 raked, Toshimasa, Masui Donna Milliron 184 Lampworked, niobium, pate de verre Harold Williams Cooney 192 Joanie Beldin, Harold Williams, punty Terri Caspary Schmidt 200 Margot Geist, Photo by Margot, Moroccan Pati Walton 208 cm Formed off-mandrel, Aquarium, encased Photo Rene Roberts 216 George Post, Rene Roberts, iron oxide Hiroko HayashiKogure 224 kimono, twisty and handmade, stringers Loren Stump 232 Ojime, Photo by Rich, Rich Images James Allen Jones 240 cold-bundled murrini, murrini and endcaps, marvered Sage Holland 248 Tom Holland, Robert K, soft glass Photo Pat Frantz 256 Bicone, Keith Hobbs, Photo by Keith Emiko Sawamoto 264 Temari, Photo by Rich, Rich Images Nicole Zumkeller and Eric Seydoux 272 millefiori, Eric Seydoux, Kimono Dan Adams 280 Roger Schreiber, Photo by Roger, polymer Davide Penso 288 Murano glass Photo, diameter Lampworked, Italy Doni Hatz 296 Photo by Trevor, colored glass rods, Trevor Hart Shigemichi Yagi 304 Photo by Horigane, wound on mandrels, 9 X tf Bronwen Heilman 312 vitreous enamels, dichroic, Photo by Robin Dustin Tabor 320 DIONYSUS, manipulated dots, Tabor's About the Curator 328 lampworking, Glass Beadmaking, glass art Artist Index 335 Lark Books, Beads, glass


The art of glass beadmaking has exploded in popularity during the past decade—and these awe-inspiring examples, exquisitely fashioned by 40 of the world’s top creators, reveal exactly why. Whether showcasing faces, animals, or flowers, these beads exhibit incredible detail and gorgeous color. Explore Bruce St. John Maher’s fused and faceted landscape beads and the vitreous painted surface of Bronwen Heilman’s glass. Kate Fowle Meleny’s luminous electroformed glass beads seem almost like sculptures, while Sharon Peters creates whimsical, often comical creatures that delight. Every artist receives a lavish eight-page feature with approximately a dozen high-quality images of his or her most impressive work, along with a bio and personal commentary that provides insights into the motivations and inspiration behind each piece.

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