News from Within

رقم التسجيلة 2783
نوع المادة Manuscipt/archive
الموقع الالكتروني
هيئة Sadaa - Alternative Information Center (AIC)

العنوان News from Within
بيانات النشر Jerusalem: Alternative information Center (AIC), 1985.
الوصف المادي Vol

News from Within is a quaterly magazine which reflects the AIC's combination of political activism with research and analysis. News from Within presents a critical discussion of the political realities which have resulted from the Oslo process and its derivatives. It provides analysis of the main trends in Palestinian and Israeli societies, with special attention given to the radical democratic and feminist struggles. It challenges the Jewish and Zionist nature of the State of Israel and the authoritarian nature of the Palestinian Authority. News from Within is at the forefront of the debate that surrounds the economic, social and cultural forces of globalisation and their impact on the conflict in Palestine/Israel