The Standards and Guidelines for the Preservation of Historic Stained Glass

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هيئة The Stained Glass Association of America ( SGAA )

العنوان The Standards and Guidelines for the Preservation of Historic Stained Glass
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بيانات النشر Raytown, MO: the Stained Glass Association of America ( SGAA), 1998.
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Any document that deals with preservation ideology, or methods of conservation of cultural property, assumes a certain knowledgeability on the reader’s part, regarding historic, artistic, or social significance. In truth, most papers on this general subject are loathe to try to define what is historically significant. What makes a stained glass window worth preserving? When is a window culturally valuable? How does a property steward decide what is worth a full-scale restoration and what is not? Does every stained glass window ever made justify heroic efforts in preservation? In fact, the answer to this last question is a simple no. There are many beautiful, well-fabricated stained glass windows that do not warrant the expensive, documented, and time-consuming treatment outlined in this book. Just how it is decided which ones do, or do not, merit this consideration remains a somewhat ambiguous process. What we DO consider the most important facet of this process is an open, frank, and honest discussion between the property owner and the professional stained glass practitioner. And where available, we encourage the participation of a local historian. Upon the determination of qualifying historical significance, and a decision to preserve the property, we recommend the unfailing adherence to the standards and guidelines set forth herein.

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