The New Testament . : Introduction . / Paul Nadim Tarazi

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المؤلف Tarazi, Paul Nadim, 1943-, Fr.

العنوان The New Testament . : Introduction . / Paul Nadim Tarazi
بيانات النشر Crestwood, NY: St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 1999.
الوصف المادي 4 vol

- Includes bibliographical references and index - Volume IV was published by The Orthodox Center For The Advancement of Biblical Studies (OCABS) Press, Fairfield, CT, while the first 3 volumes were published by St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, Crestwood, NY v. 1. Paul and Mark --v. 2 Luke and Acts -- v. 3. Johannine writings --v.4. Matthew and the canon 0881411884 (v. 1) 9780881411898 (v. 2) 0881412643 (v. 3) 160191007X (v.4)

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PART I: REVELATION Invitation to All Believers to Martyrdom .......... .. 39 Introducion Salutation A Vision of Christ One Message to All the Churches A Call to Maratydm a Pauline Terminology * Revelation -5 The Heavenly Court The Sroll and the Lamb The Seven Seals and Seven Trunmpets .. . . . . 6 3 Ihe trucure the Remainder of Revelaion The Sets of Seveen The First Four Seals The Fith and Sixth Seatl The 144,00oo of God's Israel Sealed * The Seventh Seal and the First Four Trumpet The Fifth and Sixth Trumpets The Angel and the Little Scroll .To Martyrs The Seventh Trumpet 3 The Forbearance of the Martyrs ... . .. .. 87 The Woman and the Dragon - The First Beast The Second Beast The Number of the First Beast The Song ofthe 44,000 The Harvest of the Earth 4 Divine Retribut . . . . . . . . . . . . . 101 T Angels with the Last Plagues - The Bowls of Gods Wrath The Necessity of Wtchfulness he Great Harlot and the Beast The Fall of Babylon Revisited The New Jerusalem . . ... . .. . . . . . ....... . . 109 T re Three Hallelujas The Marriage Supper of the Lamb The Rider on the White Hore - The Thousand Years: The Millennium - The Defeat of Satan and the Universal Judgment The New Heaven and the New Earth * The New Jerusalem The Coming of Christ Revelation as Prophecy rather than Apocalypse PART II: THE GOSPEL OP JOHN SThe Gospel Preparation . . . . .. . . . . ..... 13 Old Testamen Origns r The Unity of the Gospel Word and the Old Testament o/ord John t,e BJaptists estimony Rejected by Some and Accepted by Others Jesus hrist a the Content of God Word 7h Testimony ofJohn the Baptist The Lamb of God The First Disciples The Calling of Philip and Nathanal 7 The Spreading of the Gospel . . . 11 The Wedding at Cana The Cleansing of the Temple Jesus and Nicodemus Jesus and John the Baptist Jesus and the Samaritan Woman The Healing o the Officials Son 8 The Jerusalem Leadership's Refusal of the Gospel The Healing at the Pool The Authority of the Son Tie Source of/tsi Authority Th Feeding of the Five Thousand alking the Watr Jesus I th/ Bread of Life through His Wordis The Unbelief of Jesus' Kin Jesus at the Feast ofBooths The Woman Caught in Adultery esus as the Light of the World * Where I am Going You Cannot Come /he Truth Will Make You Fre Your Father the Devil - Before Abraham Was, IAm The Healing of a Man Born Blind 9 Openness to the Gentiles . . 197 John o The Parable of the Sheepfold and the Good She erd sus Reected by the Jews - The Death and Resurrection of Lazarus The Death of Laarus Mary Weeps * Lazrus Brought to Life The Plot to Kill Jesus e Anointing atBethany . The Triumphal Entry into Jerusalm Some Creks Seek Jesus The Son ofMan Must Be Lifted Up The Misunderstanding of ie Crwid and the Unbelief of the Jews Thejudmenwt through Jesus' Wore 10 The Farewell Speech Washing the Discples' Feet Jesus Foretells His Betrayal The Nw Command- ment and Peters Denials Jesus the Way to the ather The Promise of the Spirit and the Requirement of Obedience to the Word Jesus the rue Vine The orlds Hatred - The Work of the Spirit Jesus High estly Prayer s Betrayal and Death of esus 235 The Betrayal andArrest of Jesus Jesus before the Priests and Peter Denials Jesus before Pilate Barabbas Jesus Set?enced to Die The Crucifixion andDeath, ofesus The Percing of Jesus' Side The Burial of Jesus 12 Witness to Christ's Resurrection .... . 53 he Resurrection ofJesus The Appearance of esus to Mary Magdalene The Appearance ofJesus to the Disciples - The Seven Disciples . Setting the Stage for Peter Reinstatement Jesus and the Beloved Disciple PART III: THE JOHANNINE EPISTLES 3 The Johannine Epistles . 26 General Introduction i John 2 John john


Volume I: Paul and Mark (ISBN: 0881411881) This is the first of a four-volume New Testament Introduction series by Fr Tarazi, which presents never-before published results of the author's own research. Here we find the kind of perceptive exegesis of St Paul's epistles we would expect from the author of the groundbreaking commentaries on I Thessalonians and Galatians. But we also find the unexpected: a completely new thesis about the original purpose of Mark's Gospel, followed by a commentary that defends the thesis by showing how each part of the second Gospel was designed to serve that purpose. Fr Tarazi explains how the very concept of a New Testament "scripture" came into being, beginning with Paul's letters. Paul's death then left a void in the leadership of Gentile Christianity, which was still under attack by Jewish Christianity. In order to defend the faith as it was preached by Paul, some of his followers created what is now the Gospel of Mark. Their purpose was not to make a historical chronicle of Jesus' life or a systematic presentation of Christian doctrine, but rather to defend Paul's conception of Christianity from the remaining (Jewish) apostles. In writing the story of Jesus, they interpreted Jesus himself and the events of his life according to what they knew of the teaching s and life story of their own leader Paul. Volume II: Luke and Acts (ISBN: 0881411898) The title "Introduction" does not do justice to the contents of this volume, for while it provides the historical background and overview expected of an introduction, it also delves into details one would expect to find only in a full-fledged commentary. The first section answers the broader questions of Luke and Acts: What prompted Luke to write his two-volume work and why did he write it in two volumes? Why did Luke, who knew and used Mark as a source, believe a second gospel was necessary? Why is the Holy Spirit so much more prominent in Luke-Acts than it was in Mark? What other sources - such as "Q" - did Luke use? After giving the reader a clear overall picture of Luke and Acts, Tarazi devotes the remainder of the book to detailed exegesis. The previous volumes in the series - Old Testament and New Testament alike - are known for unlocking mysteries that have stumped other commentators. Luke and Acts is no exception. The reader will find convincing explanations for the parable in Luke 16 where Jesus praises an "unjust steward," Jesus' call for division rather than peace in Luke 12:51 and the apparently abrupt ending of Acts which has led many to suggest that the real ending was lost. Countless other features of the Biblical text are also discusses, including frequent corrections of misleading English translations and detailed explanations of how Luke used the written sources available to him. Volume III: Johannine Writings (ISBN: 0881412642) Written for the non-specialist reader, this edition covers the Johannine literature - Revelation, the Gospel and the Epistles. Specifically, Tarazi addresses the enigmatic Book of Revelation with its fantastical creatures, the significance of the numbers 666 and 144,000, the Millennium and so-called "futuristic prophecy." Perhaps most interestingly, the author makes a case that the head of the Johannine school was none other than the evangelist Mark who fulfilled the perceived need to provide a written record for the Church as the apostolic age was drawing to a close. Volume IV: Matthew and The Canon (ISBN: 160191007X) This is the fourth and final volume of Fr. Tarazi's New Testament introduction tetralogy. In addition to his exegesis on the Book of Matthew, Fr. Tarazi discusses the formation of the New Testament canon and the Gospel of Matthew, which he argues was intentionally written as the closing book within this canon.

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