All theology is Christology : essays in honor of David P. Scaer

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العنوان All theology is Christology : essays in honor of David P. Scaer
بيانات النشر Fort Wayne, Ind: Concordia Theological Seminary Press, 2000.
الوصف المادي 413 p
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David P. Scaer, a biographical appreciation / by Lawrence R. Rast -- Why Luke is indebted to Matthew as the first Gospel / by Arthur A. Just, Jr. -- Asaph and Jerusalem / by Peter Scaer -- Observation on the use of the synoptic Gospels in the writings of Justin Martyr / by Gottfried Martens -- The divine name in holy baptism / by Charles A. Gieschen -- Matthew 5:48, a word of God : sanctification, whole or in part? / by Thomas L. Olson -- The wedding feast at Cana and the Christological monomania of St. John / by Bruce G. Schuchard -- Where is your God? : Luther on God's self-localization / by John Kleinig -- The future of a tradition : Luther and the family / by Carter Lindberg -- Luther, Newman, and the punctiliar church / by Richard John Neuhaus -- The question of theosis in the perspective of Lutheran Christology / by Lowell C. Green -- The church in the twenty-first century : will there be a Lutheran one? / by Kurt E. Marquart -- More than leader, administrator, and therapist : the scriptural substance of the pastoral office / by Dean O. Wenthe -- The face of Christ as the hope of the world : missiology as making Christ present / by William C. Weinrich -- Viva vox Evangelii : a necessary course correction / by Ulrich Asendorf ; and translated by Klaus Detlev Schulz -- The laying on of hands / by Norman Nagel -- Confusions in law and Gospel : a study in prolegomena / by Ronald Feuerhahn -- Disputatio : a needed string to theology's bow? / by John R. Stephenson -- Johann Augustus Wilhelm Neander : historical objectivity and the "religious" element of church history and the history of doctrine / by Richard A. Muller -- Origen and the canon of Scripture / by Daniel L. Gard -- Evangelicals and the Bible in the Middle Ages / by Cameron A. MacKenzie -- Collecting Autographs: Misssouri's Asssumption of Princeton's Doctrine on the Autographa/ by Lawrance : in honor of the revernd professor David Scaer -- the future of Tolerance : in honor of david scare/by Paul R. Hinliky -- Nation anf Glory: as essay in honor of the reverend professor david scaer/ by winthrop brainerd

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Jesus Christ - Person and offices
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