Daily Life at the time of jesus

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المؤلف Vamosh, Miriam Feinberg

العنوان Daily Life at the time of jesus
بيانات النشر Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press, 2001.
الوصف المادي 104. p
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Introduction p. 3 When Worlds Collide - A Historical Overview p. 6 Jerusalem p. 20 The Temple p. 23 The Sanhedrin p. 28 Pilgrimage p. 30 The Antonia Fortress p. 32 The Roman Army p. 34 Crucifixion p. 35 A Wealthy Household in Jerusalem p. 38 The Village p. 40 A Village House - Life on the Rooftop p. 44 Working in the Fields p. 46 Domestic Animals p. 47 The Shepherd p. 48 The Olive Press p. 49 The Blacksmith p. 50 The Carpenter p. 51 The Weaver - Clothing p. 52 The Grain Mill p. 53 The Synagogue p. 54 Education p. 57 A Wedding Feast p. 58 Ancient Delicacies and Daily Bread p. 60 Fishermen p. 62 A Countryside Manor House p. 66 The Ways of the Wealthy p. 68 A Manor's Wine Press p. 69 A Doctor and his Patient p. 70 Burying the Dead p. 72 Seeking Desert Solitude p. 74 Qumran p. 75 A Balsam Factory p. 76 The Dead Sea Scrolls p. 77 Masada: A Desert Fortress Like None Other p. 80 The Mosaic Artist p. 87 Herod's Other Palaces p. 88 Caesarea p. 89 A Pagan Temple p. 94 City Gate and Market p. 95 Currency and Prices p. 98 Bibliography p. 100 From King David to Jesus p. 102 Index p. 104


Vivid, original illustrations of life in New Testament times, maps, photographs of the Holy Land and the most significant archaeological finds of the past half-century combine to bring alive the times of Jesus in a novel and fascinating way. From the inspiring historical background of the unique period which has affected the lives of so many to the succint, in-depth explanations that accompany each illustration, this is a perfect book for all ages. Book jacket

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