The neuroscience of human relationships : attachment and the developing social brain

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المؤلف Cozolino, Louis

العنوان The neuroscience of human relationships : attachment and the developing social brain
بيانات النشر New York, NY: W.W. Norton & Company, 2006.
الوصف المادي 447. P
بيان السلسلة The Norton series on interpersonal neurobiology
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The social brain -- The evolving brain -- The developing brain -- The social brain : a thumbnail sketch -- Social and emotional laterality -- Experience-dependent plasticity -- Reflexes and instincts : jumpstarting attachment -- Addicted to love -- Implicit social memory -- Ways of attaching -- Linking gazes -- Reading faces -- Imitation and mirror neurons : monkey see, monkey do -- Resonance, attunement, and empathy -- Impact of early stress -- Interpersonal trauma -- Social phobia : when others trigger fear -- Borderline personality disorder : when attachment fails -- Psychopathy : the antisocial brain -- Autism : the asocial brain -- From neurons to narratives -- Healing relationships -- Social brain and group mind.


Just as neurons communicate through mutual stimulation, brains strive to connect with one another. Louis Cozolino shows us how brains are highly social organisms. Balancing cogent explanation with instructive brain diagrams, he presents an atlas of sorts, illustrating how the architecture and development of brain systems from before birth through adulthood determine how we interact with others.

المواضيع Interpersonal relations
Attachment behavior
Developmental psychology
Brain - physiology
Neuropsychology - methods
Object Attachment
Social Behavior