Cross Cultural Filmmaking : A Handbook For Making Documentary and Ethnographic Films and Videos

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المؤلف Barbash, Ilisa

العنوان Cross Cultural Filmmaking : A Handbook For Making Documentary and Ethnographic Films and Videos
بيانات النشر Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1997.
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Part One: Getting going 1- Documentary styles 2- From fieldwork to filming - Part Two: nuts and bolts 3- Picture 4- sound 5- Film or video? Medium, format, and equipment Part Three: stages of filmmaking 6- Preproduction 7- Production 8- Postproduction 9- Distribution


This extraordinary handbook was inspired by the distinctive concerns of anthropologists and others who film people in the field. The authors cover the practical, technical, and theoretical aspects of filming, from fundraising to exhibition, in lucid and complete detail--information never before assembled in one place. The first section discusses filmmaking styles and the assumptions that frequently hide unacknowledged behind them, as well as the practical and ethical issues involved in moving from fieldwork to filmmaking. The second section concisely and clearly explains the technical aspects, including how to select and use equipment, how to shoot film and video, and the reasons for choosing one or the other, and how to record sound. Finally, the third section outlines the entire process of filmmaking: preproduction, production, postproduction, and distribution. Filled with useful illustrations and covering documentary and ethnographic filmmaking of all kinds, Cross-Cultural Filmmaking will be as essential to the anthropologist or independent documentarian on location as to the student in the classroom.

المواضيع Motion pictures in ethnology
Motion pictures - Production and direction