Leading teams : expert solutions to everyday challenges

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العنوان Leading teams : expert solutions to everyday challenges
بيانات النشر Boston, Mass: Harvard Business Press, 2006.
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Contents Mentor?s Message: Juggling Managing and Leading Team Management: The Basics What Is a Team? A general overview of team definitions, types, benefits, and problems. Identify the Types of ?Teams? Consider the Benefits of Teams Understand the Problems of Teams How To Plan for a Productive Team Understand what teams do, what distinguishes productive teams, and how to set your team up for success. Understand What Teams Do Identify the Characteristics of Productive Teams Plan for Your Own Productive Team Watch for Signs of Failure How to Form a Productive Team Select the people with the right skills, experience, and attitude. Appeal to each person?s underlying motivations. Identify Team Roles Select the Right Kind of Team Members How To Lead a Team Understand the stages of the team process. Establish the team leader role as initiator, coach, and model. Recognize the Team Process Organize a Start-Up Meeting Make the Team Goals Clear to Every Team Member Establish Ground Rules Assume Your Role as a Leader Improve Team Communication Develop a High-Performing Team Take a Periodic Time-Out How To Handle Team Problems Recognize problems early and deal with them effectively?from leadership mistakes to interpersonal conflicts that may threaten the team and its mission. Keep the Team on Target Examine Your Own Leadership Style Deal With Performance Problems Manage Conflicts Reunite Factions Step Between One-on-one Conflicts Reinvigorate Commitment How To Evaluate Performance Measures of success depend on both the team goals and team performance. Use Appropriate Performance Measures Select Evaluation Methods Review the Performance of Individual Team Members Reward Your Team Tips and Tools Tools for Leading Teams Worksheets to help you plan, lead, and evaluate your team. Test Yourself A helpful review of the concepts presented in this guide. Take it before and after you?ve read through the guide to see how much you?ve learned. To Learn More Further titles of articles and books if you want to go more deeply into the topic. Sources for Leading Teams Notes For you to use as ideas come to mind.

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