Everything's an argument

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المؤلف Lunsford, Andrea A

العنوان Everything's an argument
بيان الطبعة 4th. ed
بيانات النشر Boston: Bedford \ St.Martins, 2007.
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1. Everything is an Argument 2. Arguments from the Hearts - Photos 3. Arguments based on Character- Ethos 4- Arguments based on facts and reason - logos 5- Thinking rhetorically 6- Structuring arguments 7- Arguments of fact 8- Arguments of definition 9- Evaluations 10- Causal arguments 11- Proposals 12- Style in arguments 13- Humor in arguments 14- Visual arguments 15- Presenting 16- What counts as evidence 17- Fallacies of argument 18- Intellectual property, academic integrity, and avoiding plagiarism 19- Evaluating and using sources 20- Documenting sources


Everything's an Argument'sunique, student-centered approach to teaching argument has made it the best-selling brief argument text on the market. The book's engaging, informal style shows students first how to read and analyze a wide range of argumentative texts -- verbal and visual, scholarly and "real world" -- and then how to use what they learn to write their own arguments. Andrea Lunsford and John Ruszkiewicz's instruction is fresh, elegant, and jargon-free, emphasizing inclusivity (moving beyond simple pro/con positions), humor, and visual argument to makeEverything's an Argumentimmediately accessible. Students like this book because it helps them see and understand that a world of argument already surrounds them; instructors like it because it helps students construct their own arguments about that world

المواضيع Persuasion (Rhetoric)
English language - Rhetoric
Report writing

الأسماء المرتبطة Ruszkiewicz, John J