The Oxford handbook of early Christian studies / edited by Susan Ashbrook Harvey and David G. Hunter

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العنوان The Oxford handbook of early Christian studies / edited by Susan Ashbrook Harvey and David G. Hunter
بيانات النشر Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008.
الوصف المادي xxvii, 1020 p : 26 cm

Includes bibliographical references and indexes

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Contents List of Maps xi List of Illustrations xii List of Abbreviations xiv List of Contributors xxv Introduction 1 Susan Ashbrook Harvey and David G. Hunter I PROLEGOMENA 1 From Patristics to Early Christian Studies 7 Elizabeth A. Clark 2 Literature, Patristics, Early Christian Writing 42 Mark Vessey 3 Which Early Christianity? 66 Karen L. King I I EVIDENCE: MATERIAL AND TEXTUAL 4 Material Evidence (1): Archaeology 87 Mark Humphries 5 Material Evidence (2): Visual Culture 104 Robin M. Jensen 6 Epigraphy 120 William Tabbernee 7 Paleography and Codicology 140 Ralph W. Mathisen I I I IDENTITIES 8 Jews and Christians 169 Andrew S. Jacobs 9 Pagans and Christians 186 Michele R. Salzman 10 `Gnosticism' 203 Antti Marjanen 11 Manichaeism 221 Samuel N. C. Lieu 12 Arius and Arians 237 J. Rebecca Lyman 13 Pelagius and Pelagians 258 Mathijs Lamberigts I V REGIONS 14 The West (1): Italy, Gaul, and Spain 283 Mark Humphries 15 The West (2): North Africa 303 Eric Rebillard 16 The East (1): Greece and Asia Minor 324 Raymond Van Dam 17 The East (2): Egypt and Palestine 344 David Brakke 18 The East (3): Syria and Mesopotamia 365 Lucas Van Rompay V STRUCTURES AND AUTHORITIES 19 Clergy and Laity 389 Karen Jo Torjesen 20 The Biblical Canon 406 Michael W. Holmes 21 Creeds, Councils, and Canons 427 Everett Ferguson 22 Church and Empire 446 Harold A. Drake 23 Women and Gender 465 Ross Shepard Kraemer 24 Monasticism 493 J. William Harmless, SJ V I EXPRESSIONS OF CHRISTIAN CULTURE 25 Early Christian Apocryphal Literature 521 Stephen J. Shoemaker 26 Apologetics 549 Mark Edwards 27 Homiletics 565 Wendy Mayer 28 Early Christian Historians and Historiography 584 William Adler 29 Martyr Passions and Hagiography 603 Susan Ashbrook Harvey 30 Poetry and Hymnography (1): Christian Latin Poetry 628 Michael J. Roberts 31 Poetry and Hymnography (2): The Greek World 641 John A. McGuckin 32 Poetry and Hymnography (3): Syriac 657 Sebastian P. Brock 33 Christian Philosophy 672 Hubertus R. Drobner V I I RITUAL, PIETY, AND PRACTICE 34 Christian Initiation 693 Maxwell E. Johnson 35 Eucharistic Liturgy 711 Daniel Sheerin 36 Prayer 744 Columba Stewart, OSB 37 Asceticism 764 Rebecca Krawiec 38 Penance 786 Allan D. Fitzgerald, OSA 39 Martyrdom and the Cult of the Saints 808 Richard M. Price 40 Pilgrimage 826 Georgia Frank V I I I THEOLOGICAL THEMES 41 Interpretation of Scripture 845 Frances M. Young 42 Doctrine of God 864 Lewis Ayres and Andrew Radde-Gallwitz 43 Christ and Christologies 886 Brian E. Daley, SJ 44 Doctrine of Creation 906 Paul M. Blowers 45 Early Christian Ethics 932 Francine Cardman 46 Instrumenta Studiorum : Tools of the Trade 957 Joseph F. Kelly and Jeanne-Nicole Saint-Laurent General Subject Index 978 Index of Modern Authors 000 Index of Ancient Literature 000


The Oxford Handbook of Early Christian Studies responds to and celebrates the explosion of research in this inter-disciplinary field over recent decades. As a one-volume reference work, it provides an introduction to the academic study of early Christianity (c. 100-600 AD) and examines the vast geographical area impacted by the early church, in Western and Eastern late antiquity. It is thematically arranged to encompass history, literature, thought, practices, and material culture. It contains authoritative and up-to-date surveys of current thinking and research in the various sub-specialties of early Christian studies, written by leading figures in the discipline. The essays orientate readers to a given topic, as well as to the trajectory of research developments over the past 30-50 years within the scholarship itself. Guidance for future research is also given. Each essay points the reader towards relevant forms of extant evidence (texts, documents, or examples of material culture), as well as to the appropriate research tools available for the area. This volume will be useful to advanced undergraduate and post-graduate students, as well as to specialists in any area who wish to consult a brief review of the 'state of the question' in a particular area or sub-specialty of early Christian studies, especially one different from their own.

المواضيع Christianity - History - Palestine
Church history - Primitive and early church, ca. 30-600

شخص Harvey, Susan Ashbrook
Hunter, David G