Hamas From Resistance to Government ?

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شخص Caridi, Paola

العنوان Hamas From Resistance to Government ?
بيانات النشر Jerusalem: PASSIA - Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs, 2010.
الوصف المادي 319. p
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Acknowledgements Translator’s note Foreword Emotional Prologue The Number 19 Bus Faiqa’s Pilgrimage Chapter 1. Between Welfare and Resistance Welcome to Hamastan From Nakba to Politics The Universities of the Revolt It all Started in Gaza. A Coincidence? Chapter 2. Snapshots from Hamas’ World The Orphans of Al-Salah Of Music, Films and Stereotypes Hijab and Politics Chapter 3. Consolidation The Charter is not the Qur’an Outsiders… …And Insiders Chapter 4. From the Sheikh in the Hiding to the Human Bomb A Preacher in the Workers’ Mosque Baruch’s Footsteps The Lost Generation Hudna, Tahdi’ah, Truces Chapter 5. The March Watershed Orphaned The Turning Point A Silent Presence Chapter 6. Abul Abed’s Double-Breasted Suit The Day that Shook the PNA Hamas vs. Fatah Swords into Government Chapter 7. Hamas vs. Fatah Prison Diplomacy The Three-Month Adventure The ‘Second Liberation’ Governing the Strip From Resistance to Government? Epilogue - The Road Ahead Addendum to the English Edition Dramatis Personae Glossary of Arabic Terms List of Acronyms and Abbreviations Maps


The book tells the story of Hamas using a combination of news and archival sources, describing settings, and giving voice to its protagonists. And, for the first time, it tries to reveal some of the unknown characteristics of an organization that in some ways is still clandestine or that has, over the last few years, gone back to being partially secret. There are well-known issues such as terrorism. But there is also the much less well-known aspect of welfare, set up well before the rise of a Hamas presence from within the social and religious framework of the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood. There is the political organization, structured like mass-based European parties. And then there are the militants, the leaders, the silent supporters and those many Palestinians who voted for Hamas without sharing its ideology. Putting together all these pieces reveals a far more complex picture than the one described by the media so far.

المواضيع Harakat al-muqawamah al-islamiyah ( Hamas )
Islam and politics - Palestine