Movements in Art Since 1945

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المؤلف Lucie-Smith, Edward

العنوان Movements in Art Since 1945
بيان الطبعة New ed
بيانات النشر London: Thames & Hudson Ltd, 2001.
الوصف المادي 304 p
بيان السلسلة Thames & Hudson World of Art

- The first two editions of this book were published under the title " Late Modern : The Visual Arts Since 1945 " - Includes 288 illustrations, 90 in colour - Includes bibliographical notes - Includes text references - Includes chronology - Includes an Index

المحتويات / النص

Ch. 1 Abstract Expressionism 15 Ch. 2 The European scene 40 Ch. 3 Post-painterly abstraction 75 Ch. 4 Pop, Environments and Happenings 97 Ch. 5 Abstract sculpture, Minimal art, Conceptual art 136 Ch. 6 An age of pluralism 162 Ch. 7 Neo-Expressionist tendencies 176 Ch. 8 The USA - 1970s to 1990s 190 Ch. 9 Issue-based art and globalization 206 Ch. 10 The rise of video 236 Ch. 11 The photographic medium 247 Ch. 12 Post-Pop blues 259 Ch. 13 New classicism


The fifth edition reflects the latest developments in a wide-ranging introduction and nine new chapters that deal with the radical transformations that have taken place in contemporary art. Among the topics covered are the increasing dominance of photography, film, and video, and the emergence of a new post-Post-Expressionist group of "Abject" artists whose work stresses feelings of alienation in Western industrial societies, often through the reintroduction of narrative. The emergence of an opposing trend of idealizing classicism, particularly in Italy and Russia, is discussed, and there is increased coverage of the burgeoning practice of art "on the periphery" in Third World countries, where artists have absorbed Western modernism and then created new terms of reference for artistic expression adapted to their own cultures. Numerous additional reproductions illustrate all the recent developments in this completely redesigned edition, and there are a full bibliography and comprehensive chronologies of key events. No other account of the art of the last fifty-five years provides as much up-to-date information about art issues, developments, and players.

المواضيع Art, Modern - 20th century - Themes, motives