A world history of art / Hugh Honour & John Fleming

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المؤلف Honour, Hugh

العنوان A world history of art / Hugh Honour & John Fleming
بيان الطبعة 7th ed
بيانات النشر London: Laurence King Publishing LTD, 2005.
الوصف المادي xii, 984 p : 30 cm ; ill. (some col.), col. maps

Includes bibliographical references (p. 950-959) and index

المحتويات / النص

- Chapter One: Before history - The Art of hunters The Arty of Farmers - Chapter Two: the Early Civilizations - Mesopotamia - The indus vally - Ancient Eygpt - The Aegean - China - Chapter Three: Developments across the continents - The hittites - The new kingdom on ancient Eygpt - Assyria and babylon - Iran - Zhou China - The Americas - Africa: nok culture - Chapter Four: The Greeks and their neighbours - Archaic Greece - The Classical Period - Naturalism and Idealization - Barbarian Alternatives: Scythians and the animal style - Haltstatt and la tene - Ibreria and sardinia - The etruscans - Chapter Five: Hellenistic and Roman Art - The Hellenistic period - Hellenistic and Roman Painting and Mosaics - Roman Architecture - Roman Sculpture - Late Antique Art - Part Two: Art and the world Religions - Chapter Six: Buddhism, Hinduism and the arts of South and East Asia - Buddhist art India - Hindu Art in India - Buddhist and hindu Art on the south - East Asian Mainland - Confucian, daoist and buddhist art in China - Shinto and Buddhist Art in Japan - Chapter Seven: Early Chistian and byzantine Art - The Begining of christian Art - Byzantine Art - Christian Art in the Northern Europe - Chapter Eight: Early Islamis Art - Umayyad Art and Architecture - Abbasid Art and Architecture - Islamic Spain - Samanid and seljuk Archituecture - Islamic Decoration - Part Three: Sacred and Secular Art - Chapter Nine: Medieval Christendom - Ottonoan - Romanesque architecture Italy - Romanesque Art and Architecture in Northern Europe - Gothic Art and Architecture - Secular and International Gothic - Chapter Ten: The fifteenth Century in Europe - The Beginnings of the Italian Renaissance - A New style in Flander - Architecture in Itlay - Italian Painting and the Church - Secular Painting - The Venetian synthesis - International Humanism - Chapter Eleven: The Sixteenth Century in Europe - Reform and early sixteenth- century art in the North - The High Renaissance in Italy - The Venetian High renaissance - Mannerism and Mannerisms - Chapter Twelve: The Americas, Africa And Asia - Masoamerica and peru - Africa - The Islamic world - China - Japan- Kamakura to edo - Chapter Thirteen: The Seventeenth Century in Europe - New beginnings in Rome - Baroque Art and architecture - Dutch Painting - England and France - Chapter Fourteen: Enlightenment and Liberty - French Rococo Art - The Rococo in Germany and Italy - English sense and sensibility - Neoclassicism, or the "true style" - Part Four: The Making of the Modern World - Chapter Fifteen: romanticism to Realism - Romanticism - Romanticism and Philosophy - Romantic landscape Painting - Photography - In which Style should we Build? - Historicism and realism - Photography comes of age - Chapter Sixteen: Eastern Traditions - Qing- Dynasty China - Japan in the Edo Period - Chapter Seventeen: impressionism to Post- Imressionism - Impressionism - Japonism - Neo- Imressionism - Symbolism - Ar Nouveau and the new Architecture - Cezanne - Chapter Eighteen: Indigenous Arts of Africa, the Americas Australia and Oceania - Oceania - Australia - The North American North - West Coast - The Plains and the Arid Lands of North Amirica - Africa - Part Five: Twentieth - CEntury Art and beyond - Chapter Nineteen: Art from 1900 to 1919 - New Ways of looking - The Fauves and expressionism - The German expressionism - Kandinsky - Marc - Cubism - Picasso and barque: analytical and sybthetic cubism - Futurism - Abstract or non- Objective Art - Architecture - Chapter Twenty: Between the two World Wars - Dada and Surrealism - America and the Precisionist view - Welded metal: a Revolution in sculpture - Photography and modern movements - Constructivism, de stijl and the International style - Chapter Twenty One - Post- War to Post Modern - Abstract expressionism - European survivors - Post- Painterly abstraction - Jasper johns and robert rauschenberg - Pop Art - Photographic imagery - Minimal Art - Arte Povera - Body Art and Process Art - Earth and Land Art - Photo- Realism and new image painting - Modernism and Post- Modernism - Chapter Twenty Two: Into the third Millennium - Questioning modernism - Neo- Expressionism - Art as Identity - Post- Modern multiculturalism - Video and the Post- Medium Conition - Photo graphy and the construction of reality - Abjection - Function and Value - The New museums of Art - Art after Post- Modernism - Globalizations, sensation and spectacle - The Turn of the Millennium-


"Since its first publication this book has been hailed as the most up-to-date and wide-ranging history of art ever published in a single volume. Presenting art history as an essential part of the development of humankind, it offers an authoritative, balanced and enlightening account, ranging from a statuette carved in central Europe some 30,000 years ago to the digital, video and installation art of the new millennium. The volume covers painting, mosaic, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, architecture and photography. Textiles, coins, pottery, enamels, gold and silver are also included. The scope is international, encompassing the arts of Asia, Africa and Oceania as well as Europe and the Americas." "This revised Seventh Edition expands the original coverage by embracing new developments in archeology and art historical research, and in particular the renowned contemporary art historian Michael Archer has greatly expanded the authors' discussion of the art world over the past two decades, providing a new perspective on the latest developments shaping our cultural history

المواضيع Art - History

الأسماء المرتبطة Fleming, John