Towards Golgotha : The Memories of Hagop Aresian , A Genocide Surivor

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العنوان Towards Golgotha : The Memories of Hagop Aresian , A Genocide Surivor
بيانات النشر Beirut, [LEBANON]: Haigazian University Press, 2011.
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Foreword by Raymond H. Kévorkian Preface Introduction: Armenia Through the Ages Prologue: Nicomedia 2002 Part One: Autobiographical Notes, Deportation Memoirs and Reflections (1880-1919) Arsenian’s Foreword Chapter One: Ovajik Chapter Two: Adabazar Chapter Three: Izmit Chapter Four: Izmit-Konia Chapter Five: Karaman Chapter Six: Eregli Chapter Seven: Bozanti-Tarsus Chapter Eight: Mamura-Amanus-Islahiye Chapter Nine: Katma-Akhterim Chapter Ten: Bab Chapter Eleven: Meskene Chapter Twelve: Dipsi-Abu Harar Chapter Thirteen: Meskene-Aleppo Chapter Fourteen: Jerusalem Part Two: Diasporal Memoirs: Life in Palestine (1919-1940) Chapter Fifteen: Bethlehem Chapter Sixteen: Gaza Epilogue: Deir Zor 2010 Arsenian’s Time Line Appendix I - Deportation Proclamation Appendix II - Sharif Hussein’s Edict Bibliography Index MAPS Map 1 Historical Armenia Map 2 Constantinople - 1922 Map 3 Hagop Arsenian’s Deportation Route Map 4 Palestine 1922 ILLUSTRATIONS Hagop Arsenian’s Portrait Hagop Arsenian’s Foreword Hagop Arsenian’s Manuscript First page Vartanian School Certificate - Ovajik Copy of Istanbul Pharmacy Diploma Hagop Arsenian’s Adabazar Accounts Deportation from Izmit - Manuscript p. 36 List of Armenian Prisoners of War – Egypt 1918 List of Armenian Prisoners (Arsenian’s list) Arev Newspaper Armenian Mass in Gaza Excerpts from Arev Newspaper - Cairo Arev Newspaper Patriarch Torkom in Gaza PLATES Pl. I Izmit (2002) Pl. II Adabazar & Ovajik (2002) Pl. III Arsenian’s Pharmacy Diploma from Istanbul University Pl. IV Adabazar-Ovajik 1910 -1913 Pl. V Aleppo 1916 Pl. VI Jerusalem 1916 - St. James Convent Pl. VII Church of the Holy Sepulchre – Jerusalem Pl. VIII Palestine 1917 Pl. IX Army Officers - Damascus 1918 Pl. X Palestine 1919 Pl. XI Gaza & Egypt 1923-1939 Pl. XII Arab Conferences and Protests 1929-1931 Pl. XIII Lebanon 1935-1936 Pl. XIV Jerusalem 1920 -1940 Pl. XV Jerusalem 1940 Pl. XVI Jerusalem-Jordan 1956-1957 Pl. XVII Jerusalem-Jordan 1959 -1962 Pl. XVIII Arsenians with Jordanian Minister of Health - 1960 Pl. XIX Jerusalem 1963 - Last pictures of H. Arsenian Pl. XX Family Reunion - Beirut 1996 Pl. XXI Deir Zor 2010 - The Euphrates and Habur Bridge Pl. XXII Deir Zor 2010 - Marqade Pl. XXIII Deir Zor 2010 - Holy Martyrs’ Church Pl. XXIV Deir Zor 2010 - Genocide Museum


Towards Golgotha narrates the Memoirs of pharmacist Hagop Arsenian, a survivor of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. Written originally in Armenian, it contains two parts.The first part narrates the early life of Arsenian in the suburbs of Constantinople and then the eventual deportation of his whole family all the way to Aleppo, Syria.The second part describes the Arsenian’s family life in Palestine from 1919 until 1940 especially in Jerusalem and Gaza, where Hagop Arsenian practices as a pharmacist.His granddaughter Arda Arsenian Ekmekji has translated the whole manuscript into English with historical annotations and references.The book includes a Foreword written by French Historian: Prof. Raymond Kevorkian, and a Preface, Introduction, Prologue and Epilogue by the Translator. These contain 250 pages of the Original Manuscript. The book also has a Bibliography and a detailed Index.Towards Golgotha has around 300 pages including 4 maps, 24 illustrations and 2 Appendices.Towards Golgotha is published by Haigazian University Press and was officially launched on Friday, September 9, 2011 at Haigazian University in Beirut, Lebanon.The Book appears both in Hard Cover and Paper Back.

المواضيع Armenians -Turkey - History
Armenian massacres, 1915-1923

الأسماء المرتبطة Ekmekji, Arda
Kevorkian, Raymond