In the hands of a chef : the professional chef’s guide to essential kitchen tools

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العنوان In the hands of a chef : the professional chef’s guide to essential kitchen tools
بيانات النشر John Wiley &Sons, INC, 2008
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Includes bibliographical references (p. 152-154) and index.

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Contents Preface Contents Introduction Chapter 1 Knives and Cutting Tools The Parts of a Knife The Blade The Cutting Edge The Bolster The Tang The Handle Types of Knives General Purpose Knives Knives for Butchering and Fabricating Specialty Knives Sharpening and Honing Tools Whetstones Steels Electric Knife Sharpeners Additional Cutting Tools Ice Carving Tools Tongs and Similar Tools Scissor and Shears Spatulas Turners Peelers Graters and Rasps Corers Zesters Channel Knives Pitters Mandolin Apple Wedgers Guitars (Egg Cutter) Food Mill Ricer Garlic Press Carving and Kitchen Forks Parisienne Scoops Wire Mesh Gloves Reamers Meat Pounder or Meat Tenderizers Shrimp Deveiner Food Processor Electric Slicer Meat Grinder Vertical Chopping Machine (VCM) Food Chopper (Buffalo Chopper) Chapter 2 Knife Skills Knife Selection What?s in Your Knife Kit? Handling and Maintaining Knives Sharpening Knives on a Stone Honing Knives on a Steel Keeping Knives Clean and Sanitized Cutting Surface Storing Knives Holding the Knife The Guiding Hand Setting Up Your Work Area Basic Cuts Preliminary Cuts Chopping and Mincing Foods Shredding and Grating Slicing Cuts: Plain and Decorative Precision and Portioning Cuts Decorative and Special Cutting Techniques Chapter 3 Cutting Techniques for Vegetables and Fruits Onions Shallots Scallions Garlic Leeks Mushrooms Tomatoes Avocadoes Peppers and Chiles Plantains Citrus Fruit Melons Pineapples Mangoes Chapter 4 Cutting Techniques for Meat and Poultry Poultry Trussing Poultry Halving and Quartering Poultry Supr?mes Meat Fabrication Techniques Tying a Roast Tenderloin Cutting Bone-In Chops Disjointing a Rabbit Carving Roasted Meats and Poultry Rib Roast Ham Duck Chapter 5 Cutting Techniques for Fish and Shellfish Round Fish Lobster Preparing Live Lobster to Cook Removing the Meat from a Cooked Lobster Shrimp Clams and Oysters Opening Oysters Opening Clams Chapter 6 Hand Tools for Measuring, Mixing, and Baking Tools for Measuring Converting Between U.S. And Metric Measurement Systems Volume versus Weight Tools for Measuring Volume Tools for Measuring Weight Tools for Measuring Temperature Baking and Mixing Tools Spoons Whisks Bench Scraper Bowl Scraper Mortar and Pestle Rolling Pins Pastry Bags and Tips Summary Glossary


From the world's premier culinary college, an indispensable guide to the use of knives and other culinary tools What are the essential knives that cooks must own, and what are the proper techniques for using them? And how do cooks make the most of other tools, such as peelers, pitters, and Parisienne scoops? This essential reference from The Culinary Institute of America provides the answers. Illustrated throughout with more than 100 photographs, In the Hands of a Chef offers a complete course in knife skills as well as guidance on using a wide array of other kitchen tools and gadgets. Featuring advice from real-world chefs on choosing, using, and caring for knives, the book provides detailed cutting techniques for all kinds of foods.

المواضيع Kitchen utensils
Cooking, Italian

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