Lettering on ceramics

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المؤلف White, Mary

العنوان Lettering on ceramics
بيانات النشر London: A. & C. Black, 2003.
الوصف المادي 96 p. : col. ill. ; 23 cm

Imposing letters onto ceramics started as an ancient form of communication and has gradually evolved into an art form in its own right. This work shows how this tradition has developed, covering methods of imposing letters on to clay, including stamping, stencils, slip-trailing, resist methods, carving and relief work amongst others.

الملاحظات الببليوجرافية

1. Brief history 2. Tools and materials 3. Methods 4. Form 5. Alphabets 6. Artists using lettering Ross Barry (Australia) Vincent Kempenaers (Belgium) Bo Kristiansen (Denmark) Colette Biquand (France) Florence Bruyas (France) Christian Guwang (France) Agathe Larpent (France) Marianne Requena (France) Sylvie Ruse-Maillard (France) Daniela Schlagenhauf (France) Rolf Overberg (Germany) Maggie Angus Berkowitz (UK) Alan Caiger-Smith (UK) Margery Clinton (UK) Laurence McGowan (UK) Mary White (UK/Germany) Mary Wondrausch (UK) Anneke Harting (Holland) Sylvian Meschia (North Africa/France) Bernadette Baumgartner (Switzerland) Participants in the 'confluence' conference of 1997 Colleen Cavin (USA) Sylvia Kowal ( Marcia Smith (USA).

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