The Human Trafficking Cycle : Sinai And Beyond

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المؤلف Reosen, Mirjam

العنوان The Human Trafficking Cycle : Sinai And Beyond
بيانات النشر Oisterwijk: Wolf Legal Publishers, 2013.
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Chapter 1. Introduction 1 We should be aware of it 1 Seemingly counting for nothing 1 Hell protesting against hell 2 Giving a voice 3 Freedom from fear and want 4 Structure of this book 6 From revolt to rule of law? 7 A sign of hope: Ra’ee 9 Chapter 2. Narratives from the Sinai and beyond 11 A father unable to look after his family 11 The brothers who fought 13 The official complaints procedure 14 Ceasing to exist 15 They hurt us badly 16 I hope God will come for me soon 17 My sweetheart and our firstborn 18 Collecting money 19 The orphanage 20 I would give my life for yours 21 Chapter 3. Introduction to the trafficking cycle: Sinai and beyond 23 People as commodities 23 Trafficking cycle 26 International legal context 27 Terminology 31 Scope and research questions 32 Methodology 33 VIII Chapter 4. Routes to the Sinai and recruitment of trafficking victims 39 Recruitment and abduction 39 Trafficking network 47 Who are the trafficking victims? 53 Trafficking in persons: Policies of Eritrea, Ethiopia and Sudan 58 Chapter 5. In the Sinai 61 Counting the Sinai hostages and victims 61 Organisation and set up of Sinai trafficking 65 Torture and violence 71 Sexual violence and pregnancy 75 Payment of ransoms 80 Escaping from death 83 Chapter 6. Beyond the Sinai 85 Leaving the torture camps 85 Egypt 91 Egypt’s policy on trafficking in persons 98 Israel: Refugees labelled ‘infiltrators’ 99 Sinai trafficking and Israel 114 Chapter 7. To Libya and Europe 117 Crossing over to Europe 117 To Libya 117 The crossing to Lampedusa 120 The tragedy of Lampedusa 121 European migration policy 123 Externalisation of migration control 124 Push back operations 125 The Hirsi case 127 Cooperation between Italy and Libya 129 Frontex 130 Application of the Dublin Regulation 132 International protection under the Refugee Convention 134 UNHCR guidelines on Eritrea 135 Applicability of the Refugee Convention to Sinai trafficking victims 136 Completion of the trafficking cycle in Europe 138 Chapter 8. Conclusions: The Sinai trafficking cycle 141 Chapter 9. Recommendations


Human trafficking in the Sinai started in 2009 and involves the abduction, extortion, sale, torture and killing of men, women and children. This book follows from the publication ‘Human Trafficking in the Sinai: Refugees between Life and Death’ (2012). It describes how refugees are abducted and brought to the Sinai and identifies the modus operandi of the trafficking. It also looks at what happens after the hostages are released and where they go. This book introduces the term ‘trafficking cycle’ to describe how refugees become trapped in a vicious cycle of detention, exploitation and abuse, or take risks that may lead to tragedies such as the shipwreck off the coast of Lampedusa on 3 October 2013. It also portrays how Sinai survivors remain owners of their own history and keepers of their own dignity. The book is based on interviews with hostages and survivors of the trafficking in the Sinai and others.