Territory : A Short Introduction

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المؤلف Delaney, David

العنوان Territory : A Short Introduction
بيانات النشر Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2005.
الوصف المادي 165 P
بيان السلسلة Short introductions to geography
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List of Illustrations Series Editors' Preface 1 Entering the Territory of Territory Introduction The Social Life of Territory Practical Definitions and a Grammar of Territory What Is Territory For? Seeing Around and Through Territory Concluding Remarks 2 Disciplining and Undisciplining Territory Introduction Deterritorializing the Disciplines Concluding Remarks 3 Human Territoriality and its Boundaries Introduction Overview Beyond Human Territoriality 4 Parsing Palisraelestine Introduction The Unfolding of Sovereignties Reconfiguring Property The Israeli Territorial System of Control Concluding Remarks 5 Further Explorations Books Topical Works Journals The Internet Bibliography Index


This short introduction conveys the complexities associated with the term "territory" in a clear and accessible manner. It surveys the field and brings theory to ground in the case of Palestine. A clear and accessible introduction to the complexities associated with the term "territory". Provides an interdisciplinary survey of the many strands of research in the field. Addresses specific areas including interpretations of territorial structures; the relationship between territoriality and scale; the validity and fluidity of territory; and the practical, social processes associated with territorial re-configurations. Stresses that our understanding of territory is inseparable from our understanding of power. Uses Israel/Palestine as an extended illustrative case study. The author’s strong legal and geographical background gives the work an authoritative perspective.

المواضيع Human geography
Human territoriality