A Companion To Economic Geography

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العنوان A Companion To Economic Geography
بيانات النشر Malden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2003.
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بيان السلسلة Blackwell Companions To Geography | 2
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1. Introduction: The Art of Economic Geography: Trevor J. Barnes and Eric Sheppard. Part I: Worlds of Economic Geography:. 2. Inventing Anglo-American Economic Geography, 1889-1960: Trevor J. Barnes. 3. The Modeling Tradition: Paul S. Plummer. 4. The Marxian Alternative: Historical-Geographical Materialism and the Political Economy of Capitalism: Erik Swyngedouw. 5. Feminism and Economic Geography: Gendering Work and Working Gender: Ann M. Oberhauser. 6. Institutional Approaches in Economic Geography: Ron Martin. 7. Poststructural interventions: J. K. Gibson-Graham. Part II: Realms of Production:. 8. The Geography of Production: Richard A. Walker. 9. Places of work: Jamie Peck. 10. Industrial Districts: Ash Amin. 11. Competition in Space and between Places: Eric Sheppard. 12. Urban and Regional Growth: Peter Sunley. 13. Geography and Technological Change: David L. Rigby. Part III: Resource Worlds:. 14. Resources: Dean M. Hanink. 15. Agriculture: Brian Page. 16. Political Ecology: Michael Watts. 17. The Production of Nature: Noel Castree. 18. Single Industry Resource Towns: Roger Hayter. Part IV: Social Worlds:. 19. Family, work and consumption: mapping the borderlands of economic geography: Nicky Gregson. 20. Concepts of class in contemporary economic geography: David Sadler. 21. Labor Unions and Economic Geography: Andrew Herod. 22. State and Governance: Joe Painter. 23. Creating the Corporate World: Strategy and Culture, Time and Space: Erica Schoenberger. 24. Networks of Ethnicity: Katharyne Mitchell. Part V: Spaces of Circulation:. 25. The Economic Geography of Global Trade: Richard Grant. 26. Money and Finance: Andrew Leyshon. 27. The Political Economy of International Labor Migration: Helga Leitner. 28. Transportation: Hooked on Speed, Eyeing Sustainability: Susan Hanson. 29. Telecommunications and Economic Space: Barney Warf. 30. International Political Economy: Michael Webber.


A Companion to Economic Geography presents students of human geography with an essential collection of original essays providing a key to understanding this important subdiscipline. The contributions are written by prominent international scholars offering a wide-ranging overview of the field. Places economic geography in the wider context of geography. Contributions from leading international scholars in the field. Presents a comprehensive, up-to-date and accessible overview of all the major themes in the field. Explores key debates, controversies and questions using a variety of historical and theoretical vantage points. Charts the important work that has been done in recent years and looks forward to new developments in the global economy.

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Barnes, Trevor J