The Wine , Beer , & Spirits Handbook : A Guide To Styles And Service

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المؤلف Lavilla, Joseph

العنوان The Wine , Beer , & Spirits Handbook : A Guide To Styles And Service
بيانات النشر Hoboken, N.J: John Wiley & Sons, 2010.
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PART ONE: Introduction to Wine. 1 What Makes Wines Taste Different? 2 How Wine Is Made. 3 The Science of Wine Tasting. 4 Wine Storage and Service. 5 Food and Wine Pairing. 6 The Health Aspects of Alcohol. PART TWO: Wines from International Grapes. 7 Chardonnay. 8 Pinot Noir. 9 Cabernet Sauvignon. 10 Merlot. 11 Sauvignon Blanc. 12 Riesling. 13 Syrah/Shiraz. 14 Grenache/Garnacha. PART THREE: Wines from White Grapes. 15 The Aromatics. 16 Light and Crisp White Wines. 17 Fat and Full. PART FOUR: Wines from Black Grapes. 18 Light and Fresh. 19 Soft and Juicy. 20 Full and Tannic. 21 Rich and Spicy. PART FIVE: Sparkling and Fortifi ed Wines. 22 Sparkling Wines and How They Are Made. 23 Fortifi ed Wines. 24 Sparkling and Fortifi ed Wine Service. PART SIX: Beer, Spirits, and Liqueurs. 25 Beer. 26 How Spirits and Liqueurs Are Made. 27 Fruit-Based Spirits. 28 Grain-based Spirits. 29 Vegetable-Based Spirits. PART SEVEN: The Role of the Sommelier. 30 In the Dining Room. 31 Wine List Creation and Menu Matching. 32 Cellar Management and Product Research. 33 Understanding Wine Faults.


Master the mysteries of wine. The study of wine and beverages has become integral to hospitality education. "The Wine, Beer, and Spirits Handbook" demystifies the wine and wine-making process, examining not only the making and flavor profiles of wine, beer, and spirits, but also the business of wine service as practiced by a chef or sommelier. Unique to this book, is the strong emphasis on food and wine pairings, as well as food and beverage interactions. An entire chapter uncovers this broad, often intimidating, topic with detailed information on table wines, sparkling wines, fortified wines, beer and spirits. More importantly, "The Handbook" explains the responsibilities of a sommelier from both service and managerial perspectives. Readers explore their wine-related duties including: the developing of wine lists, identifying faulty wines, ordering, receiving, and storing wines, conducting inventory control, pricing, product research, cellar management, and the health and legal implications of wine consumption. A comprehensive, one-stop resource to the character and best use of beverages, "The Wine, Beer, and Spirits Handbook" will help every student, chef, sommelier and wine enthusiast confidently master the mysteries of wine and other beverages.