Post Sound Design : The Art And Craft Of Audio Production For The Moving Image

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المؤلف Avarese, John

العنوان Post Sound Design : The Art And Craft Of Audio Production For The Moving Image
بيان الطبعة Ed. 1
بيانات النشر New York: Bloomsbury USA, 2017.
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1: What is Sound Design? 2: DAWs 3: Audio Connectors, Microphones 4: Organizing OMFs (or AAFs) 5: Narration 6: Dialog Editing 7: Equalization and Dynamics 8: ADR 9: Sound Design 10: Editing Music 11: Reverbs & Delays 12: Mixing 13: Deliverables 14: Case Studies Index


Post Sound Design provides a practical introduction to the fascinating craft of editing and replacing dialog, creating Foley and sound effects, editing music, and balancing these elements to a final mix. Based on years of experience and teaching this material to students at Drexel University, award-winning film composer John Avarese offers user-friendly knowledge and stimulating exercises to help compose story, develop characters and create emotion through skillful creation of the sound track. Starting each chapter with a real-life example, the textbook is structured in such a way to create a fundamental understanding of the physics and the biological foundation of hearing, and putting it into practice with suggested movie scenes demonstrating the discussed audio techniques. Post Sound Design engagingly demonstrates the individual areas essential to creating a soundtrack that will enhance any media production.

المواضيع Motion pictures - Sound effects