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رقم التسجيلة 7484
نوع المادة book
ردمك 978-3836529044
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المؤلف Brill, Frederick

العنوان Matisse
بيانات النشر London, [UNITED KINGDOM]: Hamlyn, 1969.
الوصف المادي 48 P
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- Black And White Illustrations 1- self Portrait 2- The Slave 3- Nude in an armchair 4- large seated nude 5- reclining Nude II 6- reclining Nude III 7- Smiling head 8- Stiut Head - The Plates 1- woman reading 2- the dinner table 3- the invalid 4- interior with harmonium 5- standing nude 6- Carmelina 7- the terrace, st tropez 8- Luxe , calme et volupte 9- Pastoral 10- Portrait with a green stripe 11- self portrait 12- the blue nude 13- standing mode 14- le luxe II 15- Nude By Th Sea 16- the algerian Woman 17- Interior with aubergines 18- Moroccan Landscape , Tangier 19- head , white and rose 20- the green rose 21- the studio , quai st michel 22- tree near trivaux pond 23- bathers by a river 24- interior with a violin 25- the plumed hat 26- woman and goldfish 27- the moorishscreen 28- odalisque with raised arms 29- decorative figure on an ornamental background 30- still - life with green buffet 31- girl in a yellow dress 32- the dance 33- the dance 34- pink nude 35- the lady in blue 36- music 37- woman with etruscan vase 38- the dream 39- still - life with oysters 40- the idol 41- small blue interior 42- the pineapple 43- large interior in red 44- the egyptian curtain 45- plum blossoms , green background 46- zulma 47- the sorrows of the king 48- the snail


The work of Henri Matisse (1869—1954) reflects an ongoing belief in the power of brilliant colors and simple forms. Though famed in particular for his paintings, Matisse also worked with drawing, sculpture, lithography, stained glass, and collage, developing his unique cut-out medium when old age left him unable to stand and paint. Matisse’s subjects were often conventional: nudes, portraits, and figures in landscapes, Oriental scenes, and interior views, but in his handling of bold color and fluid draftsmanship, he secured his place as a 20th-century master. It was Matisse’s palette that particularly thrilled the modern imagination. With vivid blue, amethyst purple, egg-yolk yellow, and many shades beyond he liberated his work from a meticulous representation of reality and sought instead a “vital harmony,” often referring to music as an inspiration or analogy for his work. From vast patterned panels to simple and tender portraits, this book introduces the full reach and creativity of Matisse’s career, spanning his early work within the Fauvism movement right through to his latter-year projects such as Jazz and the Chapelle du Rosaire in Vence.

المواضيع Matisse, Henri, 1869 - 1954