The Last Human : A Guide To Twenty - Two Species Of Extinct Humans

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المؤلف Sawyer, G.J

العنوان The Last Human : A Guide To Twenty - Two Species Of Extinct Humans
بيانات النشر New Haven, CT: Yale University Press, 2007.
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- THE EARLIEST AFRICAN HOMINIDS Morning Encounters Sahelanthropus tchadensis | 29 Orrorin tugenensis | 34 Ardipithecus ramidus and kadabba | 39 - OMO, LAKE TURKANA, AND AWASH BASINS AND THE APPEARANCE OF THE HUMAN LINEAGE A Much Welcomed Visit Australopithecus anamensis | 50 We Are Family Kenyanthropus platyops | 58 -The First Nomad? Australopithecus afarensis | 65 Dispatching a Mortal Enemy Paranthropus aethiopicus | 79 The First Tool-Using Scavenger? Australopithecus garhi | 87 - THE SOUTH AFRICAN FOSSIL CAVES SITES The Animal Trap Australopithecus africanus | 96 To Live and Die on the High Veldt Paranthropus robustus/crassidens | 107 - BACK TO THE EAST AFRICAN GREAT RIFT - VALLEY AND THE APPEARANCE OF HOMO A Two Leg Advantage Homo rudolfensis | 117 The Luck of the Pygmy Homo habilis | 124 In the Shadow of Man Paranthropus boisei | 133 When Opportunity Knocks Homo ergaster | 141 FROM AFRICA TO ASIA? A Handful of Know-How Homo georgicus | 151 Eve Without Adam Homo erectus | 158 A Winter Night’s Desperation Homo pekinensis | 168 An Island Sunset for the Little People Homo floresiensis | 176 -AFRICA, EUROPE, AND THEN THE WORLD The Ultimate Competitor Homo antecessor | 185 How to Grow a Sugarplum Tree Homo rhodesiensis | 194 Greed and Equality Homo heidelbergensis | 201 Hunters and Hunted Homo neanderthalensis | 210 THEN THERE WAS ONE Homo sapiens | 222 -AFTERWORD BY Meave Leakey | 230 APPENDIX 1 The Search for Faces of the Past by G.J. Sawyer and Viktor Deak | 232 APPENDIX 2 Portraits of Prehistory: Imaging Our Ancestors by Richard Milner |


This book tells the story of human evolution, the epic of Homo sapiens and its colorful precursors and relatives. The story begins in Africa, six to seven million years ago, and encompasses twenty known human species, of which Homo sapiens is the sole survivor. Illustrated with spectacular, three-dimensional scientific reconstructions portrayed in their natural habitat developed by a team of physical anthropologists at the American Museum of Natural History and in concert with experts from around the world, the book is both a guide to extinct human species and an astonishing hominid family photo album. The Last Human presents a comprehensive account of each species with information on its emergence, chronology, geographic range, classification, physiology, lifestyle, habitat, environment, cultural achievements, co-existing species, and possible reasons for extinction. Also included are summaries of fossil discoveries, controversies, and publications. What emerges from the fossil story is a new understanding of Homo sapiens. No longer credible is the notion that our species is the end product of a single lineage, improved over generations by natural selection. Rather, the fossil record shows, we are a species with widely varied precursors, and our family tree is characterized by many branchings and repeated extinctions. Exhibition information: Photographs of most of the reconstructions that appear in this book will be featured in exhibits appearing in the new Hall of Human Origins at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The opening of the Hall is planned for November 2006. (less)

المواضيع Fossil hominids
Human evolution