Jumpstart Your Awesome Film Production Company / Sara Caldwell

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شخص Caldwell, Sara

العنوان Jumpstart Your Awesome Film Production Company / Sara Caldwell
بيان الطبعة ed.1
بيانات النشر New York: Allworth Press, 2005.
الوصف المادي 196 p
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Part I: From Dream to Reality
 The Pros and Cons of Starting a Film Production Company
 Extreme Ambition,
Emma Farrell, Six Foot High Films 
 The Business of Starting a Company,
Lawrence P. Lundin, CPA 
 The Importance of Planning,
Frey Hoffman, Freydesign Productions 
Making Contacts: Networking and Cold Calling,
Joni Brander, Brander Broadcast Consulting
 Funding Opportunities for Filmmakers,
Carole Dean, From the Heart Productions
Part II: Investing in Yourself
 Working with Investors—What’s in It for Them?
Michael Harpster, Marketing & Distribution Expert 
 Makin’ Movies, Y’all,
Robert Hardy, Rainforest Films 

 Partnering for Success,
Kerry Rock and Georgina Willis, Potoroo Films
 Finding Your Niche,
Leslie Kussman, Aquarius Productions 
 Surviving the Slow Times,
Jerry Vasilatos, Nitestar Productions 
Part III: Developing Your Own Style
 Rooted in Culture,
Ruba Nadda, Coldwater Productions
 The Making of a PBS Documentary,
Diana Sole, MotionMasters 
A Horrifying Experience,
Brad Sykes, Nightfall Pictures 
 Not Short on Style,
Bill Plympton, Plymptoons 
 Mission Possible,
Shuli Eshel, Eshel Productions
 The Balancing Act,
Les Szekely, Secret’s Out Productions 
Part IV: Promoting Your Company
 Marketing Strategies,
Jamey Brumfield and David Birdwell, Your Plan B 
 The Art of Distribution,
Ruben Dua, Amaze Films, and Chip Taylor,
Chip Taylor Communications 
About the Author 
Participant Biographies 
Resources: Organizations and Suggested Reading


Firsthand knowledge and advice on every aspect of forming a film production company can be found in this one source. Film production company owners, entertainment attorneys, accountants, and distributors answer the most commonly asked questions on forming and running a successful film production company. They provide proven tips for setting up shop, following a financial plan, working with investors, forming a marketing strategy, getting a film distributed, and more. Real-life anecdotes from a wide range of professionals from the production company trenches are both informing and entertaining.• For aspiring filmmakers, producers, writers and directors • Based on detailed interviews with a wide range of successful film professionals

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