The Insider's Guide to Film Finance / Philip Alberstat

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شخص Alberstat, Philip

العنوان The Insider's Guide to Film Finance / Philip Alberstat
بيان الطبعة ed. 1
بيانات النشر Amsterdam: Focal Press, 2004.
الوصف المادي 255 p
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Underlying Rights 
Financing Intellectual Property Rights 
The Chain of Title Opinion 
Sample Chain of Title Opinion Letter 
Sample Chain of Title Documents 
Certificate of Authorship 
Short Form Option Agreement 
Short Form Assignment Agreement 
Quit Claim and Notice of Ownership of 
Copyright and Other Rights
 Co-productions (Alan Harris) 
Official Co-production Treaties 
European Convention 
Co-production Agreement 
 Banking the Deal (Rob Sherr) 
Getting to the Term Sheet 
From Term Sheet to Cash Flow Forecast 
From Cash Flow Forecast to Commitment 
Closing Time 

 Banking Documents (Lucy Walker and Philip Alberstat) 
Banks and Security Documents – An Introduction 
Registration of Security 
Bank Facility Letter 
Charge and Assignment
Letter of Credit 
Notice of Assignment and Irrevocable Payment 
Notes to the Agreement 
Acknowledgement of Notice of Assignment 
Notes to the Agreement 
Laboratory Pledgeholder’s Agreement 
 The Interparty Agreement 
Sample Agreement 
 The Completion Guarantee 
Completion Guarantees 
Application Requirements 
The Guarantee 
Liability of the Completion Guarantor 
Payments under the Guarantee 
Force Majeure 
Cut Through 
The Completion Agreement
Completion Guarantors 
How to Find Sample Completion Guarantor’s Documents
Completion Bond Letter of Commitment 
Film Finances’ Sample Completion Guarantee 
Film Finances’ Sample Completion Agreement
 Collection Agreements 
Collection Agreements 
Sample Agreement 
 Recoupment – Net Profits 
Net Profits 
Gross Receipts 
Sample Recoupment Schedule 

 Gap Financing 
Criteria for Gap Financing 
Example 1 – Sales Agent Advance Against Sales 
Example 2 – Gap Financing Deal (No Sales
Agent Advance)
Sample Sales Estimates 
 Alternative Financing 
Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) 
Limited Liability Partnerships 
Sale and Leaseback Transactions 
Sale and Leaseback 
Appendix A: Glossary of Film Production and
Finance Terms
Appendix B: Helpful Websites and Recommended Reading
Appendix C: Example Errors and Omissions Cover Note


"Financing a feature film production is a highly complex process. This book demystifies the legal and commercial implications of a film from start to finish. It provides a detailed survey of each of the processes and players involved, as well as analysis of the legal and commercial issues faced by all of the participants in a film financing transaction. Packed with legal advice and straightforward explanations this is an essential reference for filmmakers worldwide."