The Rowman & Littlefield handbook of Christianity in the Middle East / edited by Mitri Raheb and Mark A. Lamport

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العنوان The Rowman & Littlefield handbook of Christianity in the Middle East / edited by Mitri Raheb and Mark A. Lamport
بيانات النشر Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2021.
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بيان السلسلة The Rowman & Littlefield handbook series
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CHAPTER 5 Christianity within the Islamic Empires
CHAPTER 6 Christianity during the Crusades
CHAPTER 7 Christianity within the Ottoman Empire
CHAPTER 8 Christianity and European Colonial Rule
CHAPTER 9 Mission Movements to and from the Middle East
CHAPTER 10 Judaism and Christianity
CHAPTER 11 Theologians and Their Writings
CHAPTER 12 Christianitys Encounter with Other Religions in Ancient Times
CHAPTER 13 Islam and Christianity
CHAPTER 14 Christianity and NonMuslim Religions
CHAPTER 15 Popular Religion and Christianity
CHAPTER 16 Persecution and Martyrdom of Christians in the Middle East
CHAPTER 17 Reflections on Christian Theology in Arabic
CHAPTER 18 Religious Conflict and Resolution in the Middle East
CHAPTER 19 Coptic Christians
CHAPTER 20 AssyroChaldean Christians
CHAPTER 21 Syrian Orthodox and Syrian Catholics
CHAPTER 22 Antiochian Orthodox
CHAPTER 23 Melkite Christians
CHAPTER 24 Armenian Christians
CHAPTER 25 Maronite Christians
CHAPTER 26 Latin Christians
CHAPTER 27 Protestants
CHAPTER 28 Messianic Jews
CHAPTER 29 Architecture Art and Symbolism
CHAPTER 30 Middle Eastern Theologies
CHAPTER 31 The Rise and Contribution of Monasteries and Monasticism
CHAPTER 32 Christian Music and Worship in the Middle East
CHAPTER 33 Women and Christianity in the Middle East
CHAPTER 34 Hidden Christians and Churches in the Middle East
CHAPTER 35 Politics and Christianity in the Middle East
CHAPTER 36 The Contribution of Indigenous Christians to Middle Eastern Culture
CHAPTER 37 The Gulf States
CHAPTER 38 Egypt
CHAPTER 41 Israel Palestine and Jordan
CHAPTER 42 Syria and Lebanon
CHAPTER 43 Saudi Arabia
CHAPTER 44 Christians in Modern Turkey
CHAPTER 45 Middle Eastern Christianity in the Context of World Christianity
CHAPTER 46 Middle Eastern Christianity outside the Middle East


This work represents the current and most relevant content on the studies of how Christianity has fared in the ancient home of its founder and birth. Much has been written about Christianity and how it has survived since its migration out of its homeland but this comprehensive reference work reassesses the geographic and demographic impact of the dramatic changes in this perennially combustible world region. The Rowman & Littlefield Handbook of Christianity in the Middle East also spans the historical, socio-political and contemporary settings of the region and importantly describes the interactions that Christianity has had with other major/minor religions in the region.

المواضيع Christianity and other religions - Middle East

المواضيع Christianity - Middle East
Middle East - Church history - 20th century

شخص Raheb, Mitri
Lamport, Mark A