Tawfiq Canaan : An Autobiography / Edited by : Mitri Raheb

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العنوان Tawfiq Canaan : An Autobiography / Edited by : Mitri Raheb
بيان الطبعة Ed. 1
بيانات النشر Bethlehem, [PALESTINE]: Diyar Publisher, 2020.
الوصف المادي 196 P
المحتويات / النص

- Chapter 1: the roots of the Canaan family 

- Chapter 2: foundations of the proestant church
- Chapter 3: my parents and childhood 
- Chapter 4: the bishara Canaan era 
- Chapter 5: schooling and medical training at AUB 
- Chapter 6: The Canaan siblings 
- Chapter 7: Early medical career in Jerusalem and world war I
- Chapter 8: medical services at the time of WWI
- Chapter 9: family life between the two worlds wars
- Chapter 10: medical services between the first and second worlds wars
- Chapter 11: palestinian amulets and folkore 
- Chapter 12 :my activities with YMCA Jerusalem
- Chapter 13: Dr. Canaan's political actibities in Palestine 1920 - 1948
- Chapter 14: the period between the second world war and the nakba
- Chapter 15: relations between Jews and Arabs 
- Chapter 16: our son theo's Life 
- Chapter 17: Vistis by grandchildren to the mount of olives 
- Chapter 18: Canaan's legacy in the Lutheran Ministries after 1948 
- Chapter 19: my activities in retirement 
- Chapter 20: half  century in review 
- Closing Chapter: a life of service to the community 


Autobiographies give a unique, eyewitness account of historical events experienced by one particular person, an account of a life with all its ups and downs, struggles and failures, successes and setbacks. Canaan autobiography recounts a very rich life of one of Palestine's leading ethnographers, medical doctor, public figure and one of the most productive intellectuals in the first half of the twentieth century. He recalls the socio-economic and political history of Palestine through the unique prism of his access to different strata in Palestinian society, something few others could replicate. Canaan's autobiography spans a period of seven decades of Palestinian history from the late Ottoman to the early Jordanian period: a condensed history of the whole country of Palestine. Through his words, we live the history of a whole nation, we feel the tectonic shift that took place in Palestine as one empire replaced another, and as Jewish immigrants replaced the displaced Palestinians.

المواضيع Canaan, Tawfiq, 1882 - 1964 - Biography
Palestine - Social life and customs - To 70 A.D

الأسماء المرتبطة Raheb, Mitri