International building code 2012 / International Code Council

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العنوان International building code 2012 / International Code Council
بيانات النشر Country Club Hills, IL: International Code Council, 2011.
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Scope and administration --
Definitions --
Use and occupancy classification --
Special detailed requirements based on use and occupancy --
General building heights and areas --
Types of construction --
Fire and smoke protection features --
Interior finishes --
Fire protection systems --
Means of egress --
Accessibility --
Interior environment --
Energy efficiency --
Exterior walls --
Roof assemblies and rooftop structures --
Structural design --
Structural tests and special inspections --
Soils and foundations --
Concrete --
Aluminum --
Masonry --
Steel --
Wood --
Glass and glazing --
Gypsum board and plaster --
Plastic --
Electrical --
Mechanical systems --
Plumbing systems --
Elevators and conveying systems --
Special construction --
Encroachments into the public right-of-way --
Safeguards during construction --
Existing structures --
Referenced standards --
Appendix A. Employee qualifications --
Appendix B. Board of appeals --
Appendix C. Group U : agricultural buildings --
Appendix D. Fire districts --
Appendix E. Supplemental accessibility requirements --
Appendix F. Rodentproofing --
Appendix G. Flood-resistant construction --
Appendix H. Signs --
Appendix I. Patio covers --
Appendix J. Grading --
Appendix K. Administration provisions --
Appendix L. Earthquake recording instrumentation --
Appendix M. Tsunami-generated flood hazard.


Featuring time-tested safety concepts and the very latest industry standards in material design, the 2012 INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CODE SOFT COVER version offers up-to-date, comprehensive insight into the regulations surrounding the design and installation of building systems. It provides valuable structural, fire-, and life- safety provisions that cover means of egress, interior finish requirements, roofs, seismic engineering, innovative construction technology, and occupancy classifications for all types of buildings except those which are detached one and two family homes and townhouses not more than 3 stories high. The content in this code book is developed in the context of the broad-based principles that facilitate the use of new materials and building designs, making this an essential reference guide for anyone seeking a strong working knowledge of building systems. Check out our app, DEWALT Mobile Pro™. This free app is a construction calculator with integrated reference materials and access to hundreds of additional calculations as add-ons. To learn more, visit

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