7 Steps to Better Writing : How to Write Better Reports, Proposals, Email, Blogs, and Web Content / Charles Maxwell

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المؤلف Maxwell, Charles

العنوان 7 Steps to Better Writing : How to Write Better Reports, Proposals, Email, Blogs, and Web Content / Charles Maxwell
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بيانات النشر Arizona, [UNITED STATES]: Towering Skills LLC, 2020.
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1- what you will learm

- good writing is important 
7- step identify readers & purpose 
- Step 2: collect information
- Step 3: brainstorm 
- Step 4: Organize
- Step 5: Draft
- Step 6: revise
- Step 7: Proof
- Application - preparing informative documents


Finally, a book that shows how to vastly improve your writing using modern technology!

This book lays out 7 steps that will enhance your writing. These proven methods yield superior results. As you apply them, you’ll communicate better and achieve more influence.

You’ll learn how to better identify your readers’ needs and write to capture their interest. You’ll sense how to control the tone of your writing so it rings true with your readers.

You’ll understand how to collect and organize the information you need to be persuasive. This book shows you how to exploit the power of the internet, how to quickly find information, and how to use it to full advantage. You’ll learn how to make interviews productive. You’ll find tools to help you capture information so it’s easy to recall and reuse.

You’ll discover how to brainstorm more effectively, whether you work alone or are part of a team. You’ll come to know how to use mind-mapping software to spur your creativity. You’ll see how to use Ishikawa Diagrams to structure your ideas. And, you’ll grasp how to check your thinking for completeness.

You’ll be provided with dozens of techniques for organizing your thoughts and material. You’ll learn approaches for analyzing problems, proposing changes, persuading others, explaining complex topics, telling stories, and generating powerful sales copy. You’ll know how to capture attention, hold the reader’s interest, and drive home your point.

You’ll acquire the ability to draft faster with better results. You’ll see how to focus on what works. You’ll pick up tips on how to better use voice recognition software to go for speed, control your tone, always have more relevant things to say, and write compelling summaries and conclusions.

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