The origins of Christian Zionism : Lord Shaftesbury and evangelical support for a Jewish homeland / Donald M. Lewis

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المؤلف Lewis, Donald M

العنوان The origins of Christian Zionism : Lord Shaftesbury and evangelical support for a Jewish homeland / Donald M. Lewis
بيانات النشر Cambridge, [UNITED KINGDOM]: Cambridge University Press, 2010.
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  • Part one. 
  • The rise of British evangelical interest in the Jews. The restoration of the Jews in Protestant thought ; Pietism, Clapham, and the Jews ; Evangelicalism, prophecy, and the Jews 
  • -- Part two.
  •  Shaftesbury and the Jews. Shaftesbury : the new recruit ; "Christian Europe" in the house of Islam : political, cultural, and religious factors leading to European interest in the Near East in the first half of the nineteenth century ; Shaftesbury's attitude to the Jews and to Palestine ; Protecting "God's ancient people" and preparing for their restoration
  •  -- Part three. 
  • Evangelicals and Pietists together : the mission to Jews and Palestine. British evangelical and German Pietist missions in Palestine in the 1820s ; A British consul in Jerusalem ; An Anglican church in Jerusalem for the "unwelcome intruders in the home of Islam" ; The Jerusalem bishopric ; Prussia's turn : the episcopate of Samual Gobat
  •  -- Part four.
  •  Shaftesbury's final years. Toward the Balfour declaration.


"In this study of Lord Shaftesbury - Victorian England's greatest humanitarian and most prominent Christian Zionist - Donald M. Lewis examines why British evangelicals became fascinated with the Jews and how they promoted a "teaching of esteem" that countered a "teaching of contempt." Evangelicals militated for the restoration of Jews to Palestine by lobbying the British cabinet on foreign policy decisions. Professing their love for the Jews, they effectively reshaped the image of the Jew in conversionist literature, gave sacrificially to convert them to Christianity, and worked with German Pietists to create a joint Anglican-Lutheran bishopric in Jerusalem, the center (in their minds) of world Jewry. Evangelical identity evolved during this process and had an impact on Jewish identity, transforming Jewish-Christian relations. It also changed the course of world history by creating a climate of opinion in the United Kingdom in favor of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, which pledged British support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. The movement also bequeathed a fascination with Christian Zionism to American evangelicals that still influences global politics"

المواضيع Shaftesbury, Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of, 1801-1885
Christian Zionism- History
Christian Zionism - Great Britain- History
Evangelicalism- Great Britain- History- 19th century
Protestantism and Zionism
Jews - restoration - history