The Invention Of Art : A Cultural History / Larry Shiner

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المؤلف Shiner, Larry

العنوان The Invention Of Art : A Cultural History / Larry Shiner
بيانات النشر Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2001.
الوصف المادي 362 P
المحتويات / النص

- Part I: befor fine art and craft
​1- the greeks had no word for it
2- aquinas's saw
3- michelangelo and shakespeare : art on the rise
4- artemisia's allegory : art in transition

- Part II: Art Divided 
5- polite arts for the polite classes 
6- the artist , the work , and the market

- Part III: countercurrents :
8- hogarth , rousseau , wollstonecraft
9- revolution : music, festival, museum 

- Part IV: the apotheosis wollstonecraft
10- arts as redemptive revelation
11- the artist : a scared calling 
12- silences : triumph of the aesthetic 

- Part V: beyond fine art and craft
13-assimilation and resistance 
14- modernism , anti - art and the bauhaus 
15- beyond art and craft?


With The Invention of Art, Larry Shiner challenges our conventional understandings of art and asks us to reconsider its history entirely, arguing that the category of fine art is a modern invention—that the lines drawn between art and craft resulted from key social transformations in Europe during the long eighteenth century

"Shiner spent over a decade honing what he calls 'a brief history of the idea of art.' This carefully prepared and—given the extent and complexity of what he's discussing—admirably concise, well-organized book is the result. . . . Shiner's text is scholarly but accessible, and should appeal to readers with even a dabbler's interest in art theory."—
Publishers Weekly

The Invention of Art is enjoyable to read and provides a welcome addition to the history and philosophy of art."—Terrie L. Wilson, Art Documentation

"A lucid book . . . it should be a must-read for anyone active in the arts."—Marc Spiegler, 
Chicago Tribune Books. 

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