Machinima . : Making Animated Movies in 3D Virtual Environments

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شخص Kelland, Matt

العنوان Machinima . : Making Animated Movies in 3D Virtual Environments
بيانات النشر Cambridge, [UNITED KINGDOM]: ILEX, 2005.
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Includes coloured images .

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1- What is Machinima ? 2- Making Machinima . 3- The Machinimator's Guide .


Machinima is a wholly new way of making films. Based on technology originally developed for computer games, machinimia movies are created on virtual sets using virtual characters and 'filmed' within the real-time 3D graphics engines of games such as Quake, Halo, and Half-Life. This means that any aspiring film-maker with a home PC can create films in real time, without having to animate them painstakingly, frame by frame. With the right know-how, it's easy to customize existing sets or build new ones, and to create new characters, plug them in, and control their actions and behaviour. And when you're ready to shoot, it's possible to experiment with an infinite number of tasks - trying our various scenes, different dialogue, acting styles, edits, and camera angles - and preview the effect instantaneously. It's this power and flexibility that has drawn leading Hollywood and TV production companies to the new technology; machinima techniques have been used to vitualize and help create scenes in such movie franchises as Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings.

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Animated films

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